Arsenal vs Man City: FA charges both after failing to control players during fierce PL clash

The English FA charged Arsenal and Manchester City after the players of both sides failed to conduct themselves in a sportsmanship manner during the high-voltage clash between the table toppers at the Emirates.

Anthony Taylor was in the charge of the game as he was surrounded by both sets of players on numerous occasions which led the match to slow down time after time.

Anthony Taylor was surrounded by Man City and Arsenal players during the top-of-the-table clash.

The Man City players surrounded the referee after a penalty was awarded following Ederson’s rush challenge to Edward Nketiah which Bukayo Saka converted.

Arsenal emulated the same scenario as Man City was set to be benefitted from the Penalty Spot, but later VAR turned down the decision after Erling Haaland was deemed offside.

However, the English Football Association never encouraged such behaviors with the referees and charged the players for conducting such a demeanor.

In a statement, the FA explained: “It’s alleged that both clubs failed to ensure their players conducted themselves in an orderly fashion, with Arsenal’s players surrounding the match official during the 56th minute, and Manchester City’s doing so during the 42nd and 64th minutes.”

Although there is no deep-seated rivalry between Manchester City and Arsenal, certainly has a healthy competitive spirit between the two clubs, especially with the title race we are in.

This season has provided a lot of ups and downs as well as bizarre results with Liverpool and Chelsea failing to make a statement, but Arsenal and Man City made the position very interesting as betting against one of them seems very hard.

Man City overtake the number one position at the top of the table replacing Arsenal, but Mikel Arteta’s men have a game on their hands and will be motivated more than ever despite the loss to the Citizens.

Arsenal will visit Villa Park on February 18 which will be really crucial in terms of their fate as they will be eyeing to back into winning form again. Man City’s next game is against Nottingham Forest which is on paper an easy fixture as they look to put more pressure on the Gunners.


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