Austin Rivers’ reluctance to see LeBron James play with Bronny in the same team actually makes sense

With the NBA draft just months away, there are several speculations and opinions about LeBron James’ oldest son, Bronny James. Bronny has eligibility to be drafted this season but there is no assurance of his declaration.

It is very obvious for parents to care about the future of their children and create a safer place for them and the 4-time NBA MVP is no different. Some believe that the NBA legend could leverage his influence to potentially play alongside his son on the same team.

Austin Rivers wants Bronny James to play anywhere but with LeBron

Bronny James, who recently recovered from his cardiac arrest, has not had a good season up until now. He is often seen coming off the bench for the USC Trojans, averaging 5.9 points so far which is not considered as an NBA-level performance.

Recently, Austin Rivers explained why he thinks it will not be a good move for James junior to play with his dad.

“I don’t want to see Bronny play with [LeBron]… Him getting drafted & playing with his dad, I don’t want that negativity to come his way. He doesn’t deserve it… [He needs to] play somewhere where he can niche out his own identity.” said the former Timberwolves guard.

According to Doc Rivers’ son, a common practice of drawing comparisons could ruin his identity before he builds it. He could end up getting a lot of negativity because of the massive image his NBA giant father has.

Bronny James’ NBA draft to dictate LeBron’s future

The Lakers legend, LeBron James is known for planning his next steps ahead of time. According to NBA insiders, if Bronny James decides to enter the draft this summer, LeBron would likely be informed well in advance.

Chandler Parsons, the insider, speculated, “Call it what you want, but that’s what’s happening. (LeBron) is smart. He’s business savvy, he’s all about his next move. He won’t let us know, but just know, when Bronny declares for the draft, LeBron knows where he’s going to go.” Parsons believes LeBron would utilize his influence to have insight into which team his son might join.

Earlier, the NBA great shared his desire to play with his son before retirement. With a year left in his Lakers contract, he could choose to be traded where his 19-year-old is drafted or sign a contract with his new team. Whether Bronny James will declare his draft this summer is still uncertain, but the world would love to watch the father-son duo play together.

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