“Barely felt it”: Michael Chandler responds on Conor McGregor shoving him away on TUF31

Michael Chandler remains unfazed by Conor McGregor. The two men will be opposing coaches on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), and they had a confrontation during the show’s filming, where the Irishman shoved the American aggressively.

However, Chandler recently stated that he hardly felt anything. It’s not very surprising that McGregor and Michael will face off, as a fight between the two is expected to happen later this year.

‘The Notorious’ is expected to make his return to the octagon after a two-year hiatus against one of the lightweight division’s most thrilling strikers. Despite the extended break, McGregor does not seem to have lost any of his fiery pre-fight persona.

In a recently released TUF trailer, Conor can be seen pushing Michael in the face with both hands to conclude a faceoff. Nonetheless, ‘Iron’ responded to a clip of the incident and downplayed the intensity of the shove.

He posted on Twitter: “Barely felt it… #tuf31.”

The filming schedule for Conor and Michael on TUF has concluded recently. The show is scheduled to premiere on May 30 on ESPN/ESPN+, with new episodes airing every Tuesday. The finale is slated for August 15.

Conor McGregor

Nate Diaz shares his thoughts regarding Michael Chandler vs Conor McGregor

Nate Diaz, McGregor’s former rival, has expressed his belief that Conor will come out victorious against Chandler when they face each other in the cage later this year.

Despite Chandler having vocally called for a fight against Conor since his first appearance in the UFC, it has taken over two years for the match to materialize.

McGregor’s return to the octagon is highly anticipated following his absence for almost two years after suffering a nasty leg fracture against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

Michael Chandler

Although both Conor and Michael have a similar record of 2-3 in their last five fights, Nate thinks that McGregor has the upper hand against Chandler.

Both men suffered defeats against Dustin Poirier in their last fight. During an interview with Mike Bohn for MMA Junkie, the Stockton fighter was asked to share his thoughts on the McGregor vs. Chandler fight.

To which he replied: “Chandler’s really tough, and explosive, and a crazy young guy… I don’t know how old he is. But I think Conor’s better than Chandler.”

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