Belal Muhammad bins UFC’s story of proposing Leon Edwards with 3 different opponents for UFC 300

UFC welterweight contender Belal Muhammad is casting doubt on the official narrative surrounding Leon Edwards’ potential fight at UFC 300. After Edwards’ dominant win over Colby Covington, UFC president Dana White claimed the promotion offered Edwards three different opponents for the prestigious event, all of whom declined.

However, Belal Muhammad, considered a top contender himself, refutes this story, raising questions about the UFC’s matchmaking strategy and Edwards’ next move.

Belal Muhammad Not Buying into UFC’s Story about Leon Edwards

Belal Muhammad, known as “Remember the Name,” has been campaigning for a title shot for some time. Following his impressive victory over Gilbert Burns, many expected him to be Edwards’ next opponent.

However, with the UFC seemingly bypassing him for UFC 300, Muhammad has expressed his skepticism. He publicly stated his disbelief that the UFC offered him a fight for UFC 300, suggesting the promotion might be trying to inflate Edwards’ image through a fabricated narrative.

Muhammad isn’t the only one questioning the UFC’s story. Several MMA journalists have pointed out inconsistencies in the timeline of events. Additionally, rumors have circulated about potential opponents for Edwards at UFC 300, including Islam Makhachev (who has declined the offer due to Ramadan) and Shavkat Rakhmonov (who was reportedly recovering from injury).

Kamaru Usman Backs Belal Muhammad vs Leon Edwards idea

The situation is further complicated by the recent comments of UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman. Usman, known for his straightforward approach, publicly advocated for a fight between Belal Muhammad and Leon Edwards. This endorsement from the champion adds weight to Muhammad’s claims and injects further uncertainty into the UFC’s matchmaking plans for the welterweight division.

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The current situation presents a complex dilemma for the UFC. Leon Edwards, fresh off a dominant win, deserves a high-profile fight. However, Belal Muhammad’s ranking and recent performance make him a logical contender. Ignoring his claims entirely could damage the promotion’s credibility and create frustration amongst fans.

The UFC now faces several options. One possibility is to pit Edwards against a top-ranked opponent like Muhammad. Another option could involve booking an interim welterweight title fight, allowing Edwards to stay active while Usman recovers from injury.

Ultimately, the UFC’s next move will be crucial. A transparent approach that addresses Muhammad’s concerns and clarifies the situation surrounding Edwards’ potential opponents would be ideal. However, if the promotion continues with a narrative that appears to downplay deserving contenders, it could create further tension within the welterweight division.

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