Belal Muhammad sets sights on Kamaru Usman for his next bout hailing him for beating Colby Covington twice

Despite being the champion, Leon Edwards retained his title against Kamaru Usman at The O2. Belal sees an opportunity in earning a title shot by fighting the former champion Usman. Who boasts an impressive record of 20-3 MMA and 15-2 UFC.

By defeating Usman, Muhammad believes he can establish himself as a top contender in the division and be next in line for the title shot. With his determination and impressive fighting skills, Belal is a fighter to watch in the upcoming events of UFC.

After Colby Covington was named the No. 1 contender. Belal Muhammad has set his sights on a former champion for his next fight in the UFC.

Kamaru Usman vs Leon Edwards

Muhammad, who currently holds a record of 22-3 MMA and 13-3 UFC, had hoped to face Covington at UFC 286 in March. Which took place in London.

However, he was surprised to see Covington weigh in as a backup for the welterweight title fight instead. And later was announced as the next in line by UFC president Dana White.

“Kamaru as champion, he beat Colby twice,” Muhammad said in an interview with “Jesse ON FIRE.” “I think that fight makes all the sense in the world. He was a guy that people considered the GOAT from the welterweight division. I go out there (and) starch him, beat him dominantly, there’s no denying me after that.

“That’s what I would hope for, because I don’t think he really took any damage in that Leon fight – nothing but leg kicks and body kicks. And if Leon is making that quick turnaround in July. I don’t see why Usman can’t.”

Kamaru Usman vs Belal: Who will come out on top?

Kamru Usman
Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman face each other off before UFC 286

Belal has been on an impressive unbeaten streak. Winning all but one of his past nine fights. The single blemish on his record is a no-contest against Leon Edwards.

Who accidentally poked him in the eye during their headlining bout in March 2021. Leaving Muhammad unable to continue. Despite this setback, Belal has remained focused and determined, showcasing his resilience and skill in subsequent fights.

Dana White may have declared Colby Covington as the top contender. But Leon Edwards has his sights set on the upcoming UFC 287 co-main event featuring Gilbert Burns and Jorge Masvidal.

Belal Muhammad
Belal Muhammad criticized Dana White for favoring Colby Covington

If Masvidal comes out victorious, Edwards is eager to settle their long-standing feud, which began with a backstage altercation in London in March 2019.

During the incident, Masvidal attacked Leon and infamously coined the phrase “Three piece and a soda”.

Since then, the two fighters have been at odds, and Edwards is looking for an opportunity to avenge the incident and establish himself as a top contender in the welterweight division.

With his impressive skills and determination, Leon is sure to make waves in his upcoming fights.

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