Jorge Masvidal questions Kamaru Usman’s comeback timing after knockout loss vs Leon Edwards at UFC 278

Jorge Masvidal believes Kamaru Usman might have returned to competition too quickly after being knocked out by Leon Edwards at UFC 278. In August of last year, Edwards caused an incredible upset by knocking out Usman with a head kick in the final minute of the fight, ending his dominant reign as the welterweight champion.

Usman and Edwards had a rematch at UFC 286 this past Saturday, but Kamaru was unable to consistently mount offense and lost by a majority decision. Masvidal, who was once Usman’s rival, believes that the six-month break between the fights may have contributed to Usman’s defeat.

What did Jorge Masvidal say about Usman’s defeat?

“A little lackluster,” Masvidal said on The Joe Rogan Experience when asked what he thought about the UFC 286 main event. “Usman, maybe there were times I didn’t see him stepping on the gas like he usually does. And it might have been he took this fight too early.”

“I always think when a fighter gets knocked out. I got this from the old-timers in boxing. You really need to let your brain and your confidence heal and come back. Because then you get back in there and you get touched and you’re like. ‘Whoa, I might get knocked out,’ and you pull the brakes and you start maybe second-guessing yourself,” he continued.

“So I think maybe he took it a little bit too early. I do think he’s in a way a better fighter than Leon in a lot of aspects. But it just seems that Leon has his number right now,” he further added.

Jorge Masvidal

Jorge has credibility in his opinion as he has faced Kamaru Usman twice for the welterweight championship. He lost by a unanimous decision in their first encounter and was knocked out in their rematch, which also happened to be the 2021 Knockout of the Year.

Masvidal took almost a year off after that devastating loss to ensure he was fully prepared for his return to the octagon.

Jorge Masvidal UFC return 2023

Currently, Jorge’s focus is on his upcoming fight against Gilbert Burns in the co-main event of UFC 287. Although Dana White announced that Colby Covington would be next in line for a shot at Leon Edwards’ welterweight title. Masvidal is not giving up on his own chances just yet.

“Skip Colby, for sure,” Jorge said. “Leon wants it more than anything. He wants it more than anything just for the history that we have. And also, we’re going to sell the most pay-per-views if me and him are in that cage.”

The upcoming UFC 287 event is set to happen on April 8th at the Miami-Dade Arena in Miami.

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