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Bengals cornerback Mackensie Alexander’s father found alive and safe in Florida

Mackensie Alexander

What a first couple of days of the week Mackensie Alexander had. First, the Cincinnati Bengals cornerback had his father missing all night on Monday. The next day Mackensie was arrested on one charge of battery. After getting bail with $2,000 fine, Mackensie can now have a sigh of relief as his father was found healthy and safe in Florida. 

Jean Odney Alexandre, on Thursday morning, trekked to a rangers office in Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park. As per the Sheriff’s office of Okeechobee County, the health condition of the 65-years old is totally fine. Alexandre Sr. is waiting to meet his family members who are on their way. 

Jean Odney was plucking berries with his long-time friend when he went missing in the woods around 2 PM on Monday. Upon hearing the news, his 26-years old son left the training facility to help in the search. Instead of any aid to search, Mackensie got himself into trouble by hitting his father’s friend. 

Bengals’ latest acquire was arrested by the Collier County sheriff. Mackensie Alexander got released after paying the $2,000 bond and is expected to plead not guilty. The Bengals management was a silent observer in this incident. Now, they can finally take some rest as the whole situation is successfully averted. Their $4 million purchase can finally re-join the training camp.

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