Bulls announces Lonzo Ball to miss whole NBA season this year after unable to perform “in high level basketball-related activities”

The Chicago Bulls are going through one of their worst seasons in the history of the NBA, and it will get even worse with the recent news of Lonzo Ball. The team has a grand history, with players like Michael Jordan in the 90s making a repeat-threepeat.

However, that is all in the past, and the present Bulls team is struggling to be seeded at number eleven in the Easter Conference.

Fans might ask, “How can it get any worse?” But it sure can, and it did. While Lonzo Ball did not play a single match this season due to his left knee injury.

However, the point guard got the surgery just before the season started. Yet, while performing basketball activities, the twenty-five-year-old struggled and seemed to be in great discomfort.

Lonzo Ball
Lonzo Ball has an injured past too.

Sharing insight on the matter, Bulls vice president Arturas Karnisovas came out with a statement regarding Lonzo Ball.

What did Arturas Karnisovas say about Lonzo Ball?

In a team statement, the Chicago Bulls vice president said,

“Despite making significant increases in strength and function over the past several months, Ball continues to experience performance-limiting discomfort during participation in high-level basketball-related activities. Considering the required time period to achieve the necessary level of fitness to return to play and the current stage of the NBA season, Ball will not return this season. The focus for Ball will continue to be on the resolution of his discomfort and a full return for the 2023-24 season.”

The Chicago Bulls seemed to struggle without the point guard. However, whether his inclusion would have significantly changed their approach remains a question mark, as the Ball does not have the stats to back his basketball abilities. The point guard only has a career average of 11.9 in 252 games.

Moreover, his assists and rebounds are not very impressive, averaging only 5.7 and 6.2.

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