“Cali I feel for you guys” Jorge Masvidal shows support for Californians amidst rising cost of living

UFC star Jorge Masvidal has shown support for Californians amidst the rising prices of commodities and living! Gamebred called the people to get down to the streets and start protesting, The Miami native took to Twitter to voice his displeasure at the rising prices of essentials such as Gas and other products.

Jorge Masvidal thinks that getting jobs and buying food might soon become impossible for the commoners of California as the prices keep soaring!

Here is the Tweet by Masvidal:

This Twitter post might have a certain political agenda behind it, As Jorge Masvidal is a very well-known Trump supporter and has protested against the Joe Biden administration in the past! Masvidal called the people to the streets as he is a gangster from the streets himself!

He grew up in a rough Miami neighborhood amongst street fighters. Masvidal made his name in the backyard brawls of the Florida state and his current antics reflect his past life. Jorge Masvidal shot up to fame after his devastating flying knee on Ben Askren, it made him a star overnight!

Masvidal, being a multimillionaire himself does not have to worry about rising prices of commodities! His concern about Californians was met with a lot of support from his fans, many have decided to hit the streets with Masvidal spearheading the protest.

Gamebred has a criminal past and most recently got arrested for attacking Colby “Chaos” Covington in the streets. He lost to Covington inside the octagon but enacted his revenge in the streets and ultimately visited the jailhouse for crimes! 


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