Cam’ron labels Jordan Poole as ‘Munch’ following Warriors PG’s rumored lavish $500K Ice Spice date

Rapper Cam’ron recently criticized Golden State Warriors player Jordan Poole for allegedly spending $500,000 on a date with Bronx rapper Ice Spice. Cam’ron started the episode by calling Poole “a munch” and claimed he wasn’t playing to the best of his abilities.

“This is not you from last year, bro. Go back to Milwaukee and figure it the f*** out and get back in the playoffs ‘cause you look crazy. I had your back last year. You got n***** out here talking ‘bout, ‘What was all that Jordan Poole you was poppin’?’ You f***** a munch. Nah, he’s a munch, ‘cause I had his back,” Cam’ron said.

Cam’ron believes that the rumored date with Ice Spice could have affected Poole’s performance.

“When you start dating the Ice Spices and the people, they say, ‘Boo watching, boo watching, let me get all crazy. She don’t give a f***, she from the Bronx, bro. Fordham Road, have you been to Fordham Road? Jordan Poole, next time you go to New York, go around Fordham Road, Concourse, Highbridge, South Bronx. You gone see what you spent $500,000 on and be like, ‘Yo, I was wilding.’”

According to gossip website, Media Takeout, Poole and Ice Spice are currently dating, and he spent nearly $500,000 on their first proper date. The source claimed that Poole was very generous with the rapper, taking her shopping at high-end fashion stores like Gucci and Louis Vuitton and even purchasing her a Maybach truck.

Mase, who was also on the show, added that Poole could have opted for a more economical option, like pizza. Cam’ron laughed and agreed that a “slice and a soda” would have been a better idea.

Neither Poole nor Ice Spice has confirmed or denied the rumors, but Cam’ron’s comments on his show have caused quite a stir in the media.

Inconsistent Backcourt Reserves Including Jordan Poole Identified as Warriors’ Postseason Achilles Heel

Jordan Poole and the Warriors’ backcourt reserves have been inconsistent, prompting analysts to identify them as the team’s postseason Achilles heel. Bleacher Report’s Grant Hughes criticized the bench guards, including Poole, for not playing up to their full potential, pointing out the former’s turnover woes, poor shot selection, and defensive lapses.

Poole Delivers Game-Winning Shot in Final Second Over Grizzlies | NBA.comThe entire backcourt contingent of the second unit was also said to have failed to exhibit the two-way efficacy that their dynastic forebears were known for, with Donte DiVincenzo and Gary Payton II also receiving criticism. Hughes added that Payton had only shown flashes of his previous form in the postseason, despite being a reliable creator of chaos last year. The Warriors will need their bench guards to step up if they hope to defend their title in the playoffs.


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