Carlos Alcaraz discusses facing Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon Final while tennis enthusiasts compare them with Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes

Carlos Alcaraz has to be one of the most astonishing phenomena to happen in the world of tennis. Since turning pro in 2018, the youngster has turned heads with his remarkable growth. In just 5 years, he has been ranked world number 1, won 11 ATP titles and 1 Grand Slam title. With every match and every tournament, Carlitos spikes into a more sublime tennis player and athlete.

This 20-year-old has made his dreams come true to play the Wimbledon finals in the center court. Playing against the reigning supreme Novak Djokovic makes it a more special and emotional event for the young Spaniard. 

Carlos Alcaraz candidly speaks on facing Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon

The world number one does not have nearly as much experience in the demanding grass surface as the veteran Serbian. Credit to the inexplicable determination and passion of this young blood, he quickly developed adaptability and accuracy on the grass surface. 

Last month, Charly played his first grass surface tournament at the Queen’s Club Championship and bagged the title. At that point, tennis fans already knew that Charly was going to meet the reigning supreme Djokoic in the finals. When asked about potentially having to play against Nole in Wimbledon, Carlos expressed how he has very little experience on the surface. Yet stated with confidence, “I will try to play at this level, to have chances to beat him. I will have chances, that’s for sure.”

Fast forward to 20 days later, not only has he claimed that grass “could become my best surface”, but also he has given himself the chance to beat the legend! 


The young Spaniard made his dreams come true very swiftly and he expresses how special it is to play against the legend, Novak in the finals. Getting more open about his tactics for the finals match, he says, “I don’t know yet”. The 20-year-old to play against the legend says, ” Novak has no weaknesses… but I will find a way to win Novak”. 

He says, “If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best” and Charly is closer than ever to do both. 

Tennis enthusiasts compare Carlos Alcaraz vs Novak Djokovic to Tom Brady vs Patrick Mahomes

Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic meeting each other again, in the prestigious Wimbledon Championship final, is making waves in the entire sports empire. Most recently, Charly’s agility and wicked accuracy was compared to that of soccer legends, Ronaldo and Messi. Now, the NFL world says that this Championship finals duo resembles the iconic competition between the quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahome.

The similarities between the tennis and the NFL rivalry is almost palpable. While Nole and Tom are the wiser, experienced, history making legends in their fields, Pat and Carlitos are the young hot- blooded icons, currently dominating the field with a long way to go. Patrick and Carlitos are legends in the making that get to compete with the invincible legends such as Djokovic and Brady. 

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