Days after flooring Yair Rodgriguez, Alexander Volkanovski stakes claim in UFC HOFer’s fascinating list

Alexander Volkanovski further solidified his position as one of the most accomplished featherweight fighters in history with a dominant victory over Yair Rodriguez.

Following his impressive performance, Volk has made it into the list of the top five boxers of a UFC Hall of Famer. The Aussie fighter’s achievements and skill set have indeed established him as a true great in the sport.

Alexander Volkanovski featured in UFC HOFer’s top 5 list

Shortly after UFC 290, renowned UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping shared his thoughts on Alexander and his remarkable career within the UFC. Bisping expressed his deep admiration for the accomplishments that the Australian fighter has achieved, recognizing his impressive feats in the sport.

“Volk’s sense of timing and distance, that sets him apart from everybody else. He also has exceptional footwork and very, very good movement. Not to mention his cardio’s off the chain, he’s got big power, and he’s extremely disciplined.” Bisping said. 

In his compilation of the top five boxers in the UFC, Bisping included Volkanovski among a top group of fighters. Bisping’s list encompassed various weight classes, incorporating the heavyweight prowess of Sergei Pavlovich, the lightweight skills of Dustin Poirier, as well as two other formidable featherweight competitors, Ilia Topuria and Max Holloway. 

Volkanovski showcased incredible dominance in his title defense fight against Rodriguez, leaving little question about his superiority in the featherweight division. The highly anticipated clash between Volk and Yair took place at UFC 290 in Las Vegas. 

Next potential Volkanovski challenger: Max Holloway, Arnold Allen, Ilia Topuria

Since capturing the featherweight championship by defeating Max Holloway in 2019, Alexander Volkanovski has established himself as a formidable titleholder, successfully defending his belt multiple times.

With an impressive streak of five consecutive title defenses against esteemed featherweight opponents, Volkanovski’s reign remains pretty much unchallenged. The question now arises who will be the next contender to challenge Volkanovski’s dominance?

Ilia Topuria emerges as a potential candidate, positioning himself as the next in line for the featherweight kingpin. Meanwhile, both Max Holloway and Arnold Allen also present themselves as potential opponents.

Notably, ‘El Matador’ has boldly stated that he deserves the opportunity to go for the featherweight belt, highlighting his remarkable record inside the octagon. 

Who do you think Alexander Volkanovski should face next? Ilia Topuria, Max Holloway, or Arnold Allen? Or should Volk go back to take care of unfinished business in the lightweight division? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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