Christian Horner’s Red Bull investigation gets fresh update about sexual misconduct, alleged £650,000 settlement attempt

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner has been under investigation by the team since last week due to ‘serious allegations’ of ‘inappropriate behavior’ made against him. As part of it, he was also questioned by the team for several hours.

Christian Horner’s investigation—which is still unlikely to reach conclusion before the 2024 F1 season—has now reportedly taken another major turn.

Christian Horner’s Red Bull investigation gets shocking updates

Christian Horner made his first public appearance amidst this investigation at the Red Bull RB20’s launch recently. Speaking of the ongoing investigation, he openly denied the allegations made against him, during an interview with Sky Sports at the event.

“Obviously, I fully deny any accusations that have been made against me. Of course, I work with that process which I hope is concluded in the near future,” he said.

However, only a few hours later, the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reported a major shocking update on the matter, which is totally contradictory to Horner’s statements. The report stated that a female employee submitted proof of Horner’s ‘sexually transgressive texts’ at Red Bull headquarters in Austria. As viewed by De Telegraaf, Horner sent these texts regularly and over a long span of time.

Additionally, as per De Telegraaf, Christian Horner attempted a staggering £650,000 (just over €760,000) financial settlement with the female employee. It also reported that several top F1 figures are aware of Horner’s ‘sexually transgressive’ behavior.

F1 fans want Christian Horner ‘behind bars’ after latest updates

Following the report by De Telegraaf, the Formula 1 community took off in disgust and anger. Formula 1 fans took to X to express their emotions regarding the Christian Horner issue.

One fan criticized Red Bull for still allowing Horner’s presence in the camp, and commented, “Any other company would have put him on leave. But not the polarizing Trump organization of F1, Red Bull. They just simply try to pay her off and cheat their way out of responsibility. Because that is what toxic men do. 🤮”

Another fan, wanting Horner’s imprisonment, commented “I don’t want Christian Horner to be fired. I need him to be behind BARS. JAIL TIME”.

Bringing the FIA’s ‘role model status’ view into the mix, one fan questioned, “Remember when the FIA was concerned about the role model status of F1 drivers? I wonder if they think the same about Christian Horner”.

One fan, demanding explanations regarding this issue, commented the following:

It appears that the Red Bull camp is coming under a lot of fire for delaying their response on the Christian Horner issue.

Is Red Bull making a wrong decision by allowing Christian Horner into the camp? Should the team keep away this ‘controversial’ man for now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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