Clippers star Paul George lavishes praise on teammate Russell Westbrook for extending his NBA contract: “Never ceases to amaze me”

Paul George the Los Angeles Clippers superstar, is regarded as one of the NBA’s most polarizing players. Known as “PG-13,” he boasts an eight-time NBA All-Star and six-time All-NBA Team member, along with being a four-time NBA All-Defensive Team member.

Despite his impressive resume, George has consistently fallen short of fan expectations during the playoffs, earning him the moniker “Pandemic P.” Notably, George shares a close friendship with Russell Westbrook, another polarizing player.

Paul George hails Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook re-signed by the LA Clippers to a two-year deal worth slightly less than $8 million. There is a second-season player option in the contract that would allow Westbrook to opt out and, should he decide to stay, sign a larger contract with the Clippers. Paul George of the Clippers responded to Westbrook’s re-signing in a recent episode of Wave Sports and Entertainment’s Podcast P.

“Shoutout Russ. Shoutout Russ. That’s a steal. You get Russ at the minimum. That is a steal. Russ is doing so well off the court, that he’s not moved by money… I’m thinking no way he coming back, and he’s like, ‘I’m tryna come back, bro.’ – It’s dope, man. I’m happy to have Russ back, he means so much to the team. Just that small stint he had with us, he changed the whole culture in that short of a time.”

As excellent as Westbrook was on the court for the Clippers, his impact off the court was equally crucial. Last season, the Clippers often felt disengaged; however, Westbrook put an end to this. Westbrook contributed to the Clippers in ways that cannot be measured by any statistic or metric but rather by reigniting the level of focus and passion essential for any team aiming to compete at a high level.

Russell Westbrook’s performances for Clippers this season

After switching roles two games in, Russell Westbrook, the starting point guard for the Clippers now serving as a reserve, stated that while he was “actually not sure” if his job description had changed, his intention on the court has not.

“Just going out and doing whatever’s best for our team to be able to win games,” Westbrook said after the Clippers’ 124-99 win over San Antonio to improve to 5-7. “And that’s it.”

Via Los Angeles Times

Westbrook made his bench debut on Friday and played 17 minutes—his fewest since January—in a victory that ended the Clippers’ six-game losing streak following their trade for James Harden from Philadelphia. In Monday’s win, Westbrook played 25 minutes, and the Clippers won his minutes by seven points, as he scored 10 points with six assists, three steals and zero turnovers.

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