Clippers vs Nuggets: Whom Lakers would prefer as their WCF opponent?

Have you ever faced a situation when you can’t decide between the two choices in front of yourself? For example Jordan or LeBron, 90s Bulls or 60s Celtics. Ahead of Clippers vs Nuggets Game 7, similar is the state of mind for most of the Lakers fans. 

Los Angeles Lakers, after comfortably edging past Houston Rockets, are now waiting to find out their opponent in the Western Conference Final. Majority of the fans will be rooting to witness a Los Angeles Derby. Nuggets coach Mike Malone acknowledged this fact in a recent interview. Are the big minds in the Lakers dressing room also want the same? 

On the eve of the final encounter of Clippers vs Nuggets, we, at SportsZion, tried our best to determine the Lakers’ mindset about their choice of rival. In the process, we have analyzed the past games between these sides to come up with an answer to the headlined question. 

Clippers vs Nuggets: Whom Lakers want?

LA Clippers or Denver Nuggets, whoever wins Game 7 would be a worthy opponent for Frank Vogel’s side. Both teams have enough firepower to make the Lakers run for the money. On one hand, the deadly combo of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George can harden the job of Lakers defender. On the other hand, the 7’ center Jokic, carrying the form of his life, can prove to be a tacky customer for LeBron James and Co. 

However, as per our research, most members of the Lakers squad would anyday face Nuggets over their city compatriots. Lakers vs Clippers matches are too intense to predict beforehand. Anything can happen during the four quarters as both the teams try to impose their supremacy over the other. In the four games of the regular season, it’s a leveled field with both Lakers and Clippers winning two. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Lakers lead 3-1 in the regular season matches against Nuggets. The Denver franchise’s 46-27 regular season record is pale compared to the Clippers 49-23 season. The fierce rivalry along with Clippers’ better numbers throughout the season are the main reasons we think why Lakers would love to see Nuggets getting past the 2nd round Playoff series. 

The outcome Lakers fans are hoping for

Clippers have marketed themselves as the blue collar team of LA with their brilliant ad campaigns throughout the city. If you are currently visiting the City of Angels, chances are you will see multiple hoardings glorifying the current run of the Clippers. 

Ad Campaign by Clippers
A hoarding displayed in Los Angeles as a part of the Clippers marketing campaign

This aggressive marketing campaign along with the growing media interest in Kawhi and PG13 have made a large number of Lakers supporters annoyed. Those fans would love to see their team reaching the NBA Finals by crushing their biggest rival. So, they will be hoping for one last magical run from the Klaw and his teammates. 

No matter who wins today’s game, it won’t be a cakewalk in WCF for the most successful franchise in NBA history. Even the most optimistic Lakers fan won’t dare to predict a Lakers victory in 4. As of now, all eyes are on the Clippers vs Nuggets encounter.

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