Colorado Springs shooter’s connection with UFC comes as shocking revelation

America has been witnessing so much open gunfire lately. On November 19-20, a young, armored 22-year-old man entered an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and began shooting; at first, people thought it was the sound of music, but it quickly turned into a catastrophe for the people were there in body. 

Five people were killed and twenty-five injured, but hats off to U.S. Army veteran Richard Fierro, whose bravery saved many people’s lives as he took the initiative to stop the anonymous shooter. Immediately after the incident, they called the police for help. After a little while, a nearby squad arrived and arrested the murderer, who is currently admitted to the hospital.

Anderson Lee Aldrich is the leading man behind all this chaos. Growing up in a broken family and a family with a criminal record made him the man he is today. His father is former boxer Aaron Franklin Brink. Brink appeared in 58 professional MMA bouts, where he secured 29 wins while losing 27 times. 

But before starting his MMA career, he was arrested for smuggling marijuana from Mexico. In jail, he prepared himself for fighting; later, he was released at the age of 24. In 2002, he signed for an adult film under the stage name Dick Delaware. Besides, he was addicted to crystal meth, which he revealed in an episode of the television series “Intervention.”

Brink got separated from his wife when Aldrich was a child, and the fighter wasn’t bothered about his son. Aldrich has a birth name of “Nicholas Franklin Brink,” but because of his father’s irresponsible behaviors and bad past history, at the age of 15, when her mother moved, they filed for a name change case in the public court of Texas. 

The petition was written by Aldrich’s maternal grandmother, Pamela Pullen. The petition says:

“Minor (Aldrich) wishes to protect himself and his future from any connections to his birth father and his criminal history. Father has had no contact with minor for several years.” 

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