“Come and get it b****”: Conor McGregor gets harsh lashing from UFC knockout artist following Notorious’ comment on stealing KO record

In a world where verbal jabs are almost as lethal as physical strikes, the combat sports landscape is no stranger to fiery callouts and brash challenges. The latest skirmish involves the notorious Irishman, Conor McGregor, and the seasoned UFC welterweight knockout artist, Matt Brown.

With an explosive clash of words, these warriors are staking their claims in the quest for the coveted knockout record. Buckle up, fight fans, as we delve into the captivating drama that unfolds within the octagon!

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor: Hungry for Knockout Supremacy, But Is His Flame Fading?

Holding a remarkable tally of 13 knockout finishes, Matt Brown finds himself tied with the Heavyweight Derrick Lewis at the pinnacle of UFC knockout glory. However, McGregor, the brash Irishman with an insatiable hunger for records, seeks to snatch the crown away from Brown’s deserving head.

Taking to the Twittersphere, McGregor unabashedly proclaimed, “Matt Brown, at 42 years of age, now holds the joint highest KO’s inside the UFC with 13 KO’s. Him and ‘The Beast’ Lewis are tied. I hold 8 KO’s inside the UFC currently, at 34 years of age. I’m getting this record.”

As the flames of competition were fanned, Matt Brown swiftly answered McGregor’s call with a powerful retort. Displaying no visible signs of fear, Brown challenged the charismatic Irishman, taunting, “I’d fight [McGregor] for [the record], wouldn’t you? It’s like, f*** yeah, bro, you want the record? Come get it, b****!”

Oh, the audacity! While McGregor revels in the limelight and the resounding echo of his own voice, doubts about his true intentions loom large. Expressing his skepticism, Brown opined, “I think [McGregor] just likes being in the spotlight; he likes people talking about him; he likes the ego boost.”

Ah, the allure of the spotlight can be intoxicating, but will McGregor’s desire for fame outweigh his hunger for combat? Brown questions McGregor’s commitment, suggesting that the chances of him donning the gloves again are as slim as a flyweight fighter.

While the clash between McGregor and the formidable Michael Chandler in “The Ultimate Fighter” season 31 finale was on the cards, it now hangs in the balance like a fighter caught in a precarious submission hold.

The Uncertain Dance: McGregor’s Absence Ignites the Flame of Feasible Fury

McGregor’s absence from the USADA testing pool, a crucial prerequisite for fighters to compete, raises further doubts about the future of this matchup. As the Chandler bout slips away like a fleeting rear-naked choke, the possibility of a showdown between Brown and McGregor gains slight traction.

While it may lack the initial intrigue of the Chandler matchup, the clash between these two warriors becomes ever so slightly feasible. Brown’s no-nonsense demeanor and unyielding record could provide a formidable challenge for McGregor, creating an explosive spectacle that fight aficionados would relish.

What do you think is next for the Notorious McGregor?

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