Conor McGregor Driving Violations: How many times has UFC icon been detained for driving?

UFC fans have seen many fighters take over the headlines and grab the attention of the entire world, but no fighter has done quite like ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor. He singlehandedly elevated the company as well as the sport to a global level like it never reached before.

Although his greatness in the octagon is unparalleled, the fact remains that he has been associated with several violations in the outside world, which includes driving violations, attacking fighters, punching an old man, as well as confronting a celebrity.

Conor McGregor’s history of driving violations explained

When it comes to driving violations, McGregor has unfortunately attained a track record of getting into trouble, with numerous charges pressed against him in the past.

In 2022, he was once stopped by the police as he was recklessly driving through the streets of his hometown in Dublin. Even his vehicle got impounded by the police on that occasion.

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Despite retrieving his vehicle, McGregor found himself facing additional charges for multiple driving violations, with approximately six cases pending against him. Fortunately, he managed to pass all drug and alcohol tests conducted following the arrest. Had he failed, it would have significantly exacerbated the situation for the UFC superstar, further tarnishing his already diminishing public image.

When Conor McGregor was arrested for breaking fans’ phone in Miami

In another incident back in 2019, McGregor allegedly smashed a fan’s phone. The fan was attempting to take a picture with him, but McGregor reportedly smashed the phone, stepped on it, and left with it without returning it to the fan.

This resulted in serious charges of armed robbery and criminal misdemeanor against McGregor. However, the charges were later dropped against him when the Irishman settled a civil lawsuit with the fan outside of court and prevented him from taking further charges.

As already stated, the troubles of McGregor do not end here. In fact, the trajectory of Conor’s career as well as his persona outside of the UFC took a turn as he exited from mixed martial arts for 3 years in pursuit of boxing Floyd Mayweather. It was that long break away from his own game which might have taken a toll on the Irishman. It was also in 2019 that he once punched an elderly man at the bar for not consuming his alcohol brand.

As a revered figure with millions of fans, it can and should be hoped and expected that he does not engage himself in further violations.

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