Chuck Liddell’s yacht trip plans go horribly wrong after UFC icon’s unexpected dip in San Diego Bay

Chuck Liddell, often referred to as ‘The Iceman’ in the UFC, stands as one of the sport’s pioneers. His iconic presence and aggressive brawling style propelled him to become one of the first superstars in MMA history. Moreover, his rivalry with Tito Ortiz, among the most intense in UFC history, played a significant role in elevating the sport to new heights during its formative years.

He remains a respected figure in the fight world and keeps up his appearances wherever he can, be it social media, attending events, or podcasts to reveal his true and authentic self, which fans have got to witness in the years following his retirement. Recently, the UFC icon came across an unexpected incident while he on a yacht trip.

Chuck Liddell falls off boat

A recent video emerged online, drawing laughter from viewers as it captured Liddell falling off a Lamborghini yacht in San Diego Bay. A fan hilariously commented, “You know you’ve made it in life when you’re retired and falling off of Lamborghini yachts.”

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After years and years of putting it all on the line for the sake of fans and the UFC, which he considered his home, Liddell now lives his life the way he wants in front of the world. It is a treat for fight fans to get to see the true and wholesome sides of fighters, whose hardened and somewhat insensitive angles are portrayed the most.

Chuck Liddell’s post-retirement life

Chuck Liddell decided to retire in December 2010, after he had gone on a terrible losing streak, which got wrapped up by a first round KO loss to Rich Franklin at UFC 115. But that did not stop him from returning 8 years later in a clash against Tito Ortiz, where ‘The Iceman’ was put to rest by a knockout.

That was, in fact, the last time we saw him compete. Although it was difficult for Liddell to finally step away, he knew that it was the right call.

Since then, he has sparred with other fighters, been active on social media and taken time away on vacations, enjoying life after retirement.

Earlier in 2020, Liddell had quoted a post on Twitter which asked how much time it took for fighters to get used to life after retirement. He captioned the post writing, “I am still not used to it.” Even years after retirement, Chuck Liddell seemingly did not find himself at ease with life away from the competitiveness of the sport.

Owing to all the years of gruesome training and heavily harming matches, the former UFC icon, having gained enough success for a lifetime, now finds himself discovering a different side and a leisurely lifestyle.

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