Cristiano Ronaldo criticized for making offensive gestures at Al-Shabab supporters chanting for Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most beloved players in the world. The 39-year-old Portuguese international has been in great touch this season, with a combined goal and assist total of 38 in only 27 match appearances for Saudi Pro League outfit Al-Nassr.

Being a face of the football world, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner has been expected to conduct himself well in front of such large audiences. However, his fame comes with a lot of hatred from fans of his arch rival, Lionel Messi, and his “questionable” gesture towards them last night has brought him under the firing line once again.

Cristiano Ronaldo blasted for potentially vulgar gesture towards fans

After a win over Al-Shabab last night, Cristiano became a victim of character assassination and received a flurry of hate and criticism from football fans.

In that heated match, Ronaldo scored the opening goal for Al-Nassr by converting a penalty. However, it was Anderson Talisca’s brace that helped the club secure the victory. After the final whistle, footage of Cristiano Ronaldo making obscene gestures by pumping his hands in front of his crotch area started appearing on social media. It was seen that he was directing these actions towards Al-Shabab fans, who were constantly chanting “Messi” in front of the Portuguese forward.

Many Saudi football pundits are against the obscene behaviour that has been shown by him and want the disciplinary committee to act upon it. It wasn’t the first time either; he was also seen doing such vulgar acts when they faced Al-Hilal a few months back.

Cristiano Ronaldo previously faced no punishment for indecent gestures

The Portuguese were also involved in a similar vulgar act a few months ago. It was during their match against Al-Hilal that he was seen grabbing his crotch while walking off the pitch. It came out as an offensive act in Saudi Arabia. According to GOAL, there were calls for him to even be expelled from the Saudi Pro League.

Later, Al-Nassr cleared up the controversy by saying, “Ronaldo suffers from an injury. His challenge with Gustavo Cuellar, the Al-Hilal player, started with a blow in a very sensitive area.”

These are not the only cases that reflect his behaviour towards everything around him. The Portuguese international was also accused of tax fraud a few years ago, along with his teammate Xabi Alonso and rival Lionel Messi. Likewise, he was also seen showing frustration towards his teammates and supporters as well.

These are all maybe due to the frustrating team performance of Al-Nassr in the Saudi Pro League, as they slipped from the title-contesting team to a mid-table team. Will there be a comeback from Al-Nassr is a big question itself or is it the impact that Lionel Messi has been creating in recent months? Drop your thoughts regarding this and let us know the reasons you think for such acts done by the Al-Nassr star in the comments section.


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