Helmut Marko reveals how Daniel Ricciardo can dethrone Sergio Perez at Red Bull

Following his Red Bull recruitment as a reserve driver back in 2022, Daniel Ricciardo took over the permanent driving spot at Visa Cash App RB (formerly AlphaTauri) during the mid-2023 F1 season. The former RB#2 will be driving the VCARB-01 in the 2024 Formula 1 season, with the long-term goal of replacing RB’s Sergio Perez in 2025.

Up until now, Ricciardo’s objective with the Red Bull team wasn’t quite clear. However, Helmut Marko has now revealed what the Australian needs to do at Visa Cash App RB this season if he’s to take over Sergio Perez’s Red Bull seat in 2025.

Helmut Marko discloses what Daniel Ricciardo must do for comeback at Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo, who took over rookie driver Nyck de Vries’ seat last season, played second fiddle to Yuki Tsunoda at Visa Cash App RB, as he scored 11 points less than Tsunoda in the 2023 F1 season. As the season ended, he saw himself sitting in the 17th spot in the Driver’s Standings, while Tsunoda finished in the 14th.

Earlier at the VCARB-01’s launch, the 34-year-old Ricciardo claimed that he’s keeping the Red Bull thoughts away for now. But he’ll surely head into the 2024 season with a ‘desperate’ desire to get back the Red Bull seat in 2025.

Speaking about the same, Helmut Marko, RB’s current director, revealed his specific directions to Ricciardo, involving VCARB teammate Yuki Tsunoda, ahead of the new season.

In an interview with Motorsports-Total, the Red Bull advisor, Marko, issued an ultimatum to Ricciardo regarding his candidacy as Sergio Perez’s replacement in 2025, one which Yuki Tsunoda won’t be happy about.

“Ricciardo has to show that he has Tsunoda clearly under control. Then he might be a candidate”, he spilled this two-liner, flat-out challenging Ricciardo.

If Daniel Ricciardo keeps the Japanese under ‘control’ and Sergio Perez proves his worth this season, Red Bull will have a real driver dilemma in 2025.

When does Daniel Ricciardo’s Red Bull contract end?

Daniel Ricciardo rejoined the Red Bull camp as a reserve driver—behind Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez—back in the 2022 Formula 1 season after an unsuccessful 2-year stint with McLaren Racing. Although he held a Red Bull contract, he was loaned out to AlphaTauri (now Visa Cash App RB) during the mid-2023 season.

After impressive performances during the simulator and Pirelli tire tests, he was drafted as AlphaTauri’s 2nd driver, replacing Nyck de Vries in the process. He’s entering the 2024 season, most likely as Visa Cash App RB’s (AlphaTauri’s rebranded name) first-choice driver.

Speaking about Ricciardo, Christian Horner once said, “He’s a Red Bull Racing driver on loan to AlphaTauri.”

As per F1 Insider, Helmut Marko reportedly also stated that “Ricciardo still has a long-term contract and is not available.”

Daniel Ricciardo will take on Sergio Perez and even try to subtly shut out Yuki Tsunoda this weekend as both Red Bull teams face off at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Can Daniel Ricciardo really keep Yuki Tsunoda ‘under control’ at Visa Cash App RB? Can Ricciardo dethrone Sergio Perez before his RB contract runs out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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