Max Verstappen debunks theory about his parents forcing him into racing career

The 3x Formula 1 Champion Max Verstappen has ‘motorsports’ running in his veins, courtesy of his ‘racing’ parents, former F1 driver Jos Verstappen and former karting racer Sophie Kumpen. Due to his family ties with racing, a theory was making headlines that his parents forced him into racing.

However, regarding this theory, Max Verstappen has finally revealed his personal insights into the matter.

Max Verstappen reveals exact reason of his motorsports love

Max Verstappen–Red Bull’s Flying Dutchman–has finally disapproved the ‘much-heard’ theory that he was forced into a racing career by his ‘racing’ parents.

In a recent interview with M4 Sport, Max Verstappen said, “That’s a good story!”, when he was put forth with everyone’s belief that “Max was told to be a racer”.

Reflecting on the exact moment he desired to race, Verstappen said, “At the time I saw a kid younger than me driving. He was three, I was four. I was at the track with my mother because my father was racing. I told her I wanted to race a go-kart too!”.

“She called my dad, who said no, and asked me to wait until I was six. But I didn’t budge, and six months later my mother finally convinced my father to buy me a go-kart.”

“I think it’s very important that parents don’t force anything on you. In general, it’s good for a child to play sports, but it’s up to them to choose what they want to do. That’s what happened to me”, he said, emphasizing on his own choice to start racing.

“If the parents’ will prevails, the child may not enjoy it and, as a professional, may not appreciate what he does enough,” he concluded.

Although it was Verstappen’s own choice to start racing, it’s his father, Jos Verstappen, who nurtured him through ‘tough’ trainings into the world champion that he is today.

Max Verstappen opens up about tough upbringing

In the same interview, Max Verstappen expressed his gratitude towards his father, Jos Verstappen, who is a former Dutch Formula 1 driver, for the ‘tough but necessary’ upbringing he got during his childhood.

Emphasizing the ‘necessary evil’ and tough upbringing by his father, he quoted, “That’s exactly what I needed. Of course, sometimes I talked about why he had to be so serious and strict all the time, but now I’m grateful for him.”

Verstappen also stated that his father was responsible for the ‘hardest possible, but also the best’ upbringing, which made him ‘extremely prepared’ for the challenges of racing in Formula One.

“Due to my childhood training, everything that came later, in Formula Three or in the first Formula One years, could no longer surprise me,” he concluded, explaining the benefits of his tough upbringing.

Jos Verstappen has really ironed the champion out of his son through a strict and tough upbringing, as his son will be looking to win his fourth world title this season.

Is Max Verstappen lying about his parents not forcing him into motorsports? Can Verstappen’s ‘tough’ childhood training by his dad lead him to more F1 success? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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