Conor McGregor Spills Beans for Using ‘War Songs’ as UFC Octagon Entrance Theme

“The Notorious Conor McGregor”- is one of the most iconic things that has ever been said inside the UFC octagon. Every time the ring announcers introduce the Irishman using his moniker, it sends shivers amongst the crowd as well as the people watching from home. Being the biggest name in the franchise’s history, his name itself has become a brand.

McGregor has revealed the backstory behind the nickname, and also talked about how this name motivates him when he goes out to fight.

Why does Conor McGregor call himself “The Notorious”?

In an interview with JD Sports, Conor McGregor has revealed he sued to trouble his coach a lot when he was an amateur fighter. That is the time when the “Notorious” came into being. The Irishman ahs revealed that he used to trouble his coach so much that his coach ended up saving Conor’s name as “The Notorious” in his phone. From there now he got a nickname that really suited his personality.

McGregor also revealed that Notorious B.I.G. is one of his biggest influences. He has frequently used Notorious B.I.G.’s songs as his entrance music, referring to them as his “war tunes.”

Hypnotize is the last one I have used but I have used them all,” revealed the former two-division champion. His huge love for the rapper B.I.G Notorious is also a reason behind his nickname.

What’s Next for Conor McGregor?

Conor has been out of action since he injured his leg in his loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. While he is gearng up for his return, he ahs received multiple call-outs. Though he is not in the title picture, he is still the biggest money fight in the UFC.

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