Dana White claims crazy Mexico City brawl does not give ‘bad look’ to the UFC event

Dana White has been one of the biggest names in the ‘fight business’ for a long time, and it is safe to say that running an organization where people step into a caged octagon to fight each other is one risky business.

Running the MMA promotion has certainly led White to witness quite a lot of fights happening not only inside the octagon but also outside of it in the numerous events that the organization has held, including a most recent one in UFC Mexico City.

Dana White talks on UFC Mexico City brawl

The UFC returned to Mexico City for a fight night, featuring the likes of Brian Ortega, Yair Rodriguez, Brandon Royval, and Brandon Moreno. The event has become one that the world will not forget, and the reason behind it is not only the fights but also an incident that took place, capturing all the spotlights of the event.

While the fights were taking place, a huge brawl began within the fans out of the blue, and the whole arena began to erupt. The brawl kept going for a while, escalating more and more. It transpired into a huge crowd melee, and everyone was throwing punches left and right.

This is the kind of incident that the company hasn’t seen much in previous years. When reporters asked Dana White for his thoughts about the brawl and whether it portrays a bad look for the UFC, he stated that it was “one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen.”

However, when asked about whether the brawl portrays a bad look for the UFC, White declined such claims and explained how it was an accident, which could happen at any sporting event. Fortunately, due to the incident, no one got seriously hurt.

The company has seen far worse situations, which involved actual fighters. A notable example is the infamous brawl between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor’s team, where all hell broke loose, but even that was handled before any serious injuries occurred.

Fans wants Dana White to give $50K reward to winner of the brawl

The Fight Night in Mexico City today witnessed one of the craziest fan brawls the sport has seen. The incident featured fans going absolutely nuts, with the main highlight being a fan viciously KO’ing another attendee and casually putting on his hat as if nothing ever happened.

After seeing this footage, fans around the world are requesting Dana White to reward the fan with a performance of the night bonus for his picture perfect left hook KO. UFC Fight Night held in Mexico City was definitely one for the books. The event was a total entertainment package with amazing fights as well as a brawl of the ages within UFC fans.


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