Dana White claims he “hasn’t thought about” recruiting Dillon Danis to UFC after his alleged 700K PPV sell fight with Logan Paul

Dillon Danis is looking forward to making a return to the world of combat sports. The former four-time jiu-jitsu world champion had a boxing bout where he suffered a humiliating loss. Since then, he has been eager to rejoin the world of MMA.

Dillon may have lost his fight, but he also won in another way as he promoted the fight exceptionally. He captured the attention of everyone and attracted the majority of viewers, with many tuning in specifically to watch the fight between the two.

Dana White says he “hasn’t thought about” signing Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis, a four-time world jiu-jitsu champion, is considered one of the best grapplers in MMA, boasting a record of two wins with no losses. He has been absent from the octagon for an extended period due to two knee surgeries, which forced him to take a longer break than he had originally intended. It has been over five years since his last fight in the octagon.

El Jefe already has called out a lot of UFC fighters already, like Islam Makhachev and said he would beat him to avenge Connor McGregor’s loss against Khabib Nurmagomedov. Dana White the UFC CEO was recently asked a question on Dillon’s potential signing to UFC. Dana responded saying, “I don’t know, I actually haven’t even thought about that”.

Jake Paul says brother Logan vs Dillon Danis sold 700K PPV

Dillon recently fought on the Prime card, which could be argued to be on the of the biggest boxing cards of this year. He fought Logan Paul and suffered an embarrassing loss, but he was the primary driver of the fight’s promotion. Dillon used Logan’s fiancée as a means to promote the fight. He posted pictures and videos of her and even made a lot of derogatory comments about her.

Even though this was morally wrong and he is now getting sued, he was able to bring in a lot of audience this way. Thanks to Dillon, there was a lot of hype for the fight. The fight has reportedly generated 1.4 million PPV buys, which is quite significant. However, Jake Paul, Logan’s brother, is attempting to downplay the number, claiming it was only 700K buys. He does this because he fought Tommy, and KSI also fought Tommy, so KSI’s fight selling more wouldn’t reflect well on his reputation.

How many buys do you think the fight did, and would you wanna see Dillon in the UFC, do let us know.


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