“You’re a juicehead”: Dillon Danis brutally blasts Logan Paul following the negative results of the Mavericks’ VADA testing for the match

The recent Misfits event saw some of the biggest names in the influencer boxing scene facing off against each other. One notable fight on the card was between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis. The beef between the two had become personal when Dillon brought up Logan’s fiancée.

Throughout the fight, Logan appeared extremely confident and in amazing shape. This led to many speculations, including the question of whether Logan was using steroids. When these questions were posed to him, he consistently denied the allegations made against him.

Logan Paul gets thrashed by Dillon Danis for using drugs

Logan and Dillon faced off in one of the biggest Prime card of the year. The event’s card featured some of the most popular social media stars battling it out in the ring, with Logan and Dillon co-headlining the event. Throughout the fight buildup, Logan appeared to be in the best shape he has ever been, and his physique seemed almost too impressive that some people began speculating whether he was using steroids.

When asked about this, Logan consistently claimed not to be using any kind of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs). Dillon accused Logan of using steroids multiple times during the fight buildup, even calling for Logan to undergo testing on numerous occasions. He garnered significant support from the audience who shared the same concerns.

He profusely asked Misfits to get VADA or USADA (Those are two agencies that test for drugs and PED’s) involved. Misfits did not lend an ear to this notion and only did a test just before and post the fight. Thus Dillon decided to go online and bash Logan for the same.

Logan Paul’s Dillon Danis bout VADA test was negative

The long-awaited results from Logan Paul’s VADA tests have come in. Logan decided to create a video to share his reaction with the internet. The result is negative, confirming that he was not using steroids.

Dillon and a lot of other people online, discredited this result due to the way the testing was conducted. The beef between them has not settled with Logan even suing him, for using his Fiancé, as a mean of promotion. Logan went on even WWE, where he bashed Dillon and talked trash about him.

Do you think the beef between them would ever be settled, do you think Logan was on PED’s, do let us know.


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