“This is awesome”: Dana White reacts to Andre Lima turning Igor Severino bite mark into tattoo

The recent UFC Vegas 89 event wasn’t just about knockouts and submissions; it delivered a moment of unexpected entertainment. Andre Lima, following a hard-fought victory over Igor Severino, surprised everyone with a unique post-fight celebration – getting a tattoo of the bite mark left by his opponent during the fight.

This unorthodox act caught the attention of UFC president Dana White, who reacted with amusement and a surprising reward.

Dana White doubles Andre Lima’s win bonus for unique tattoo

While bite marks are typically unwelcome souvenirs in MMA fights, Andre Lima turned his into a permanent reminder. Following his unanimous decision win, Lima sat down for the customary post-fight interview, revealing a fresh tattoo replicating the bite mark left by his opponent, Igor Severino, on his chest.

This unexpected display of body art quickly went viral, catching the attention of UFC president Dana White. White, known for his no-nonsense demeanor, was surprisingly amused by Lima’s celebratory tattoo.

In a post-fight interview, White stated, “This is awesome. This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like that. I gotta say, that’s pretty cool.” He further surprised everyone by announcing that he was doubling Lima’s win bonus in recognition of his unique post-fight act.

Andre Lima fulfills childhood dream at UFC Vegas 89

While the bite mark tattoo may seem like a spur-of-the-moment decision, Lima revealed it held a deeper meaning. In a post-fight interview, he explained that getting a tattoo commemorating his first UFC win had always been a childhood dream.

The unusual bite mark simply presented a unique opportunity to fulfill that dream in an unforgettable way. Lima’s explanation sheds light on the significance of the tattoo. It wasn’t just about the bite mark itself, but rather a symbol of his perseverance and achievement inside the octagon.

The tattoo serves as a permanent reminder of his journey to the UFC and his hard-fought victory at UFC Vegas 89. Lima’s unique act of commemoration not only created a viral moment but also offered a glimpse into the fighter’s personality.

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