Days after firing back at haters, Jayson Tatum’s versatility takes center stage as Celtics consider positional shift

Jayson Tatum, who excels in a two-way forward position, is among the best in that regard. His contributions to the Boston Celtics over the years, alongside his teammate Jaylen Brown, who signed a $304 million contract extension, have led the Celtics to several playoffs.

The Boston Celtics appear to be planning a different role for Jayson Tatum, who recently sent a strong message to those who don’t seem to appreciate what he and his teammates have been doing at the club.

Celtics plan major role change for Jayson Tatum next season

Jayson Tatum could play more as a point guard for the Boston Celtics despite being renowned for his ability to score as a small forward. However, it appears that the Boston Celtics may alter his position for the upcoming season according to a report. Ramona Shelburne, an NBA insider, has stated that the Boston Celtics plan to utilize Jayson Tatum more as a point guard.

Ramona also mentioned that he dedicated his summer to working on this transition, stating, “Jayson Tatum is going to spend a lot of time at point guard. When he was in Los Angeles, that’s one of the things he practiced. He already took on a fair amount of that role in the playoffs, initiating the offense. I believe he’ll have an even more significant role in that position in the upcoming season.”

Jayson Tatum

How effective Jayson will be as a point guard next season is yet to be determined. Usually, teams give their greatest player as much access to the ball as they can, but the Celtics are giving Tatum more authority over their offense.

Going by his previous contributions to the Celtics, it is almost certain that Tatum’s teammates will be challenging for the championship this season. However, fans are already anticipating to witness how Tatum will perform as a point guard.

Tatum takes aim at critics for not giving enough credit

After their most recent unsuccessful playoff attempt, Jayson Tatum publicly addressed the need for confidence in the new-look Celtics. The team, who finished second in the regular season, had convinced people they would win the championship before their 2023 playoff loss to Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat in seven games. Now, with support at its lowest point, Tatum is working hard to change the narrative.

“We’re not perfect, and we won’t receive the credit we deserve until we actually win a championship,” Jayson explained to The Messenger Sports. “That’s the ultimate goal, but we shouldn’t overlook all the accomplishments we’ve achieved in the six years we’ve been teammates since a very young age. We’ve reached the playoffs every single year, and we’ve improved.”

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Tatum and Brown have been teammates for a long time and have already made deep playoff runs. Their best attempt was in 2022 when they came within two wins of defeating the Warriors and becoming champions. Nevertheless, doubts have emerged regarding whether Tatum and his co-star, Jaylen Brown, are the right leaders for this group going into the new season.


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