Friends turned rivals after 4-years in NBA as Celtics Jayson Tatum and Mavs Grant Williams involved in fiery exchange: “Gonna bust your a**”

When Grant Williams joined the Dallas Mavericks from the Boston Celtics, he conveyed a warning to his close friend and former teammate Jayson Tatum. Tatum joined “The Batman” for dinner in Sin City after joining the Mavs, the Boston Globe reports.

A key cog in the Celtics’ rotation was Williams. He was a standout shooter and defender for Boston. Yet, the Celtics were prepared to offer significantly less than the four years and $54 million deal he ultimately signed with the Mavs.

Tatum and Williams’ hilarious trash-talk exchange

The Celtics power forward trash-talked Jayson Tatum during their humorous back-and-forth, saying:  “I’m gonna bust your ass when we play Dallas,” Grant was told by Tatum at the meal last week. “You think?” Williams declared. “You can’t go left. And I’m gonna be physical with you and you’ll go cry to the referees.” these interactions are what Grant says he’ll miss the most.

One of the league’s top 3-and-D shooters, Grant Williams has developed a solid reputation. He has shouldered the most difficult defensive face-offs, so it wouldn’t be unexpected to see him guard “Taco Jay” next when they play as rivals.

Jayson Tatum developed into a player capable of winning the MVP award on a consistent basis. Therefore, Grant shouldn’t pose too many problems for him. Nevertheless, Jayson’s impact may be somewhat constrained by the latter, who has been watching his game attentively for the past four years in the domain of the Celtics.

Tatum and Williams’ bond during 4 seasons in Celtics

In the realm of collegiate basketball, the 2-time SEC Player of the Year proudly donned the jersey of the Tennessee Volunteers. He was chosen by the Celtics as the 22nd premier draft pick in the 2019 NBA Induction. In 2022, the team advanced to the NBA Finals. Whereas, for the Celtics, Jayson Tatum has participated in six seasons.


In 439 regular-season games, he averaged 22.5 points, 3.3 assists, and 7.0 rebounds. He received the honor of being selected for three All-Star games. Williams spent four years in Boston, where he forged a close relationship with Tatum. Because of their formed “bromance,” they frequently exchanged quips. Some NBA fans used the chance to criticize Grant for his trash-talking, which is nothing new for them.

During that time, he grew close with all of their key players, including Jayson Tatum. Tatum still has work to do as he and Jaylen Brown are expected to guide the squad’s makeover. The pair will need to significantly step up next season with the veteran guys out of the picture.

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