Days after rejecting Ferrari, Lewis Hamilton rumored to accept contract extension with Mercedes ahead of Dutch GP

Over the past few weeks, speculation regarding Lewis Hamilton’s future at Mercedes has been the hot topic of discussion on social media. Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes will come to a close at the end of the 2023 season, leaving him out of an F1 seat for 2024.

While Lewis and Mercedes have maintained the public impression that a contract between them is all but signed, other teams like Ferrari have viewed this delay in signing as an opportunity to poach the 7-time world champion and don him in red for 2024 and onwards. But, recent reports regarding Lewis’ contract extension at Mercedes may just prove to be a hindrance to Ferrari’s plan in this context.

Lewis Hamilton reportedly inks new deal with Mercedes

Multiple speculations have been reported by the media as the cause of the delay in a contract extension between Lewis and Mercedes. One of these is an alleged ambassadorship clause demanded by Lewis for 10 years. Reports have suggested that Mercedes are not willing to extend this benefit to their most successful driver, considering that such a clause could cost them up to $25m!

However, despite all this speculation, fresh reports by media suggest that a contract extension between Lewis and Mercedes has already been signed, and is pending announcement!

While details regarding the exact length of the contract, the valuation, salary, etc. are yet to be disclosed, sources suggest details along with official confirmation can be expected at the Dutch GP. The implication of these reports, however, accentuates the credibility of other reports that Lewis turned down Ferrari!

Lewis Hamilton snubs Ferrari’s contract

In addition to the reports of a contract extension for Lewis at Mercedes, multiple reports have resurfaced regarding Lewis rejecting the offer from Ferrari. While Ferrari and Mercedes themselves have refused to acknowledge the existence of this offer, according to the Daily Mail, Ferrari president John Elkann had himself offered Hamilton a contract worth £40 million, as a replacement for Carlos Sainz.

Elaborating on this, Italian Journalist Leo Turrini stated that Hamilton was personally contacted by Elkann, to which he politely replied, “No thanks.”

This would not mark the first time Lewis has been linked with Ferrari. Fans of the sport saw a similar story in 2018, where amidst significant contract delays, Ferrari attempted to poach Lewis for the 2019 season. However, that contact was not accepted by Lewis, and perhaps understandably so given that he went on to break records with Mercedes after!

However, considering the recent downfall at Mercedes, is Lewis making the right choice by staying? Do you think he should move to Ferrari? Comment what you think below!


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