Days after shining bright in FIBA World Cup warmup, $215 million Luka Doncic gets Kyrie Irving’s high praise

In a captivating event featuring Luka Doncic, the inexplicable guard who was outstanding at the FIBA World Cup warmup match, to earn high praises from Kyrie Irving, has penned his signature to a new deal with the Dallas Mavericks during the early stages of NBA free agency.

According to an undisclosed source who gave the reports about the new deal, the Mavericks, and the guard reached a substantial agreement, sealing a three-year contract worth a staggering $126 million.

Kyrie Irving gives a shoutout to Luka Doncic’s skills

Kyrie Irving, who maintained a shroud of mystery surrounding his future during his limited tenure with Dallas, refrained from engaging with the press after the season’s end. In a seemingly perplexed sign to his decision to return, he took to Twitter with a brief yet evocative message adorned with “peace” and “love” emojis.

 The anticipation and passion surrounding Luka Doncic are well-founded, as NBA enthusiasts and experts alike recognize him as one of the best young talents in the league. His unparalleled skill set has earned him high acclaim, drawing comparison with Kyrie Irving, an inspiration for his exceptional ball-handling abilities and shot-creating abilities.

During a live stream, Kyrie Irving couldn’t help but shower praise upon Doncic, marveling at his consecutive displays of brilliance on the court. Watching a video from the FIBA World Cup, Irving was particularly surprised by Luka  Doncic’s flawless pacing, a quality that sets him apart.

Doncic displays dominance in FIBA World Cup warmup

On a recent note, Luka Doncic showcased his unwavering resilience and abilities, dispelling concerns of injury as he dazzled in a FIBA World Cup warmup match against Montenegro.

However, despite departing an earlier friendly game against Greece due to a knee injury, Doncic’s indomitable spirit shone as he achieved his second triple-double in three games for Slovenia.

His impressive stat line of 34 points, 13 rebounds, and 14 assists culminated in a triumphant game-winning three-pointer, securing a hard-fought 104-100 victory over Montenegro.

Luka Doncic

Doncic’s dedication and determination bolstered his team’s chances. As the imminent World Cup approaches, the spotlight remains fixed on the 24-year-old Doncic, poised as a pivotal figure in the upcoming tournament scheduled to commence on August 25. 

Fans in the Philippines await Doncic’s potential appearance during the knockout quarterfinals, assuming Slovenia advances to that stage. Slovenian basketball enthusiasts can rest assured, as their team is considered a frontrunner in Group F, vying to progress to the next round.

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