Days after snubbing Michael Chandler bout, Conor McGregor takes witty jab at MMA star’s nickname “Iron”

Conor McGregor is a UFC fighter who is credited with pinning MMA on the global scenario. After a potentially career-ending injury at UFC 264 against the “Diamond” Dustin Poirier, it seems that the “Notorious” has some plans for a comeback.

Following this he was put into TUF season 31 as a coach against Michael Chandler. Ever since the two have had verbal battles on Twitter. Recently, Conor McGregor attacked him yet again. The former two-division champion called out Michael Chandler, his TUF opponent.

Conor McGregor mocks Michael Chandler’s nickname

Recently, Michael Chandler was the target of a contentious remark made by Conor McGregor. At first, McGregor seemed to be interested in a matchup with the winner of the main event of UFC 291, Justin Gaethje for the BMF championship rather than a prospective battle which is to be held against Chandler. However, McGregor has already turned his focus back on Chandler and mocked his nickname, “Iron,” which is a tribute to the legendary boxer Mike Tyson. McGregor mentioned Chandler’s ring name in a tweet that has since been removed.

Conor McGregor

It was after his 2011 Bellator lightweight championship win over Eddie Alvarez, that Michael Chandler became a champion first time, and even Mike Tyson was in the stands for the fight. After his encounter with Iron Mike and the advice he received, Chandler decided to pay homage to the Legendary boxer and have his nickname the same as Mike Tyson’s. 

Chandler gets brutally snubbed by McGregor for Gaethje

After his recent KO win against Dustin on UFC 291, Justin Gaethje has come into the limelight for all the correct reasons. On the other hand, McGregor intended to return to the Octagon this year after a nearly two-year absence and take on Chandler, a former TUF opponent. McGregor has missed out on the bout with Chandler because he has failed to sign up for USADA testing in time despite several reminders and warnings. In the interim, McGregor’s objectives seem to be changed with Justin winning the BMF title past Saturday. In his several tweets aimed at Justin, Conor seems to be considering fighting Justin for the BMF title.

Matt Serra and Din Thomas, former UFC fighters, recently interviewed Chandler and asked whether or not his forthcoming encounter will likely happen against the “notorious”. This question came as a result of McGregor’s apparent disrespect for the bout with Chandler and his current efforts to incite Justin Gaethje to challenge him for the BMF belt. 

Chandler in his reply blamed the recency bias and called it a bluff by McGregor. He firmly assured that the fight between him and the Dublin star will happen eventually and is looking forward and preparing for it. 

Despite what Chandler thinks, there are a lot of speculations about the bout to take place. No official date or even weight class has been set yet. Moreover, McGregor has failed to enter the USADA pool and unless he has some trick up his sleeves, Conor won’t be able to fight this year due to USADA restrictions.


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