‘didn’t have a father,….mother’ NBA-legend Dennis Rodman sobs and confesses

The aerial ability of Dennis Rodman and his unprecedented ability to recover offensive rebounds laid the groundwork for a legendary career in which “The Worm” was an indispensable member of every team he played for. In addition to the tenacity, he brought to the courts so each night, enabling him to shower his career with gold, winning five NBA titles.

Throughout his childhood, the Chicago Bulls star faced numerous challenges; also, one of the most vital elements of a child’s upbringing, parental affection, was sorely missing. When Rodman was three years old his father left him. After this sad event, Rodman, his sisters, and their mother Shirley moved to Dallas in pursuit of a better life, only to encounter various bumps along the way.

His mother’s several part-time occupations kept her apart from the house for most phases. As a result of this, their family drifted apart, which dispossessed Rodman of the essential quantity of affection in his life.

“I think a lot of people in the world that lived in that period of time would understand what I’m talking about,” said Rodman. “It’s very difficult when you have a mother that works three-four jobs and you never see her and all you do is get yelled at and never have anyone to hug you,” he added. 

According to an interview with NBA on ESPN, the former Chicago Bulls star has mentioned his desire to be liked. He also said about the difficulties he had with his mother. The fact that the player was being questioned helped make the point that after viewing the documentary, the one thing that stood out the most was the athlete’s desire to be loved.

Rodman stated that he had lived his way through life without a father or mother’s love. This was driven home by the interviewer when they highlighted the necessity of this point. Rodman became visibly emotional and stated that the only thing people will take away from this documentary is that he has always wanted to be loved.

Dennis Rodman had a tough childhood. He grew up without a father and never felt his mother’s love. In spite of all this, the player who is now honored in the NBA Hall of Fame persisted and gained a successful career for himself.


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