Who is Dillon Brooks girlfriend Big Bambina? exposing dating life

Dillon Brooks made his NBA debut with the Houston Rockets being selected with the 45th pick in the 2017 draft and later being traded to the Memphis Grizzlies. This professional basketball player played for the Oregon Ducks in college and achieved some remarkable milestones.

Athletes like Dillon try their best but can’t run away from the limelight as their inside and outside lives are always a matter of great speculation for the fans and the crowd. As the basketball player is spotted several times with his love partner, the media is going crazy to find out more about their romance.

So, let’s get the ball rolling to find out about Dillon Brooks Girlfriend Big Bambina, and the secrets of their love lives.

Who Is Dillon Brooks Girlfriend Big Bambina?

The woman who is getting linked up with the Grizzlies player is Big Bambina. She is 32 years old and was born on May 6, 1990, in North Vancouver, Canada. The lady came into the spotlight after her rumored relationship with Dillon Brooks.

Her real name is Danielle M Frappier, and she was born into a Christian family. A 5-foot-7-inch height and gorgeous looks make her beautiful to look at.

Dillon Brooks Girlfriend Profession

Dillon Brooks Girlfriend

Big Bambina is a Canadian model and Instagram influencer. After completing her schooling and graduation, she held her belt tight to step into the modeling era and try her luck.

She has made successful appearances in many runway shows for various renowned brands and clothing companies. Bambina was featured in many local magazines, which sparked her modeling passion.

The smart woman is focusing on polishing her career like never before so that she can gain fame at a satisfactory level. And now, as the lady is paired up with the basketball star, her own popularity is soaring per minute.

Dillon Brooks Girlfriend Net Worth

The future bride of the former Oregon Ducks player has a net worth of $1 million. Utilizing her modeling sensation, she earned her fortune. On the other hand, Dillon Brooks net worth is $7 million. And he is one of the highest-paid Memphis Grizzlies players.

How many kids the couple has?

The romance of the rumored couple is still at a rudimentary stage for the public. And they are not known to have any kids. However, the NBA star has a daughter from his past engagement.

The name of his daughter is Mila Brooks, who is 4 years old and was born on August 8, 2019. At the age of 23, Dillon Brooks embraced fatherhood. He gets along very well with his only child and is ready to do anything to secure her happiness.

Is Big Bambina a Trans-woman?

The Canadian model has undergone an extreme level of plastic surgery on her body to enhance her figure. The effects of those medical procedures made her look like a transwoman. And for that reason, people often mistake her for being transgender.

Over this controversy, Bambina opened her mouth and presented proof of her being a female by birth. Still, speculations over her sexuality are not stopping at all. And after her alleged affair with Dillon, the question is knocking on her door more frequently than ever.

How they got together?

Love is a blessing that fills a person’s life with completeness and contentment. And such is the story between the couple who are storming up the sporting world.

So, let’s have a look at the stories behind how they met and became romantically involved.

  • How they met?

The small forward met the model in 2022. When he was struggling with this collapsing romance with his ex, he met Big Bambina. But all of the details regarding where they met and how are kept far from the media’s knowledge.

  • How they became each other romantic partner?

It was the ex-girlfriend of Dillon Brook who broke the news of the couple’s dating. And since then, their rumored affair has been circulating around the internet and among NBA fans.

Over the controversy surrounding Big Bambina’s sexuality, curiosity regarding the pair’s romance skyrocketed. And sports enthusiasts are begging the couple to pull out the curtain from their hide-and-seek romance and make it official.

Did Dillon Brook date someone before hooking up Big Bambina?

Heather Holly is the name of the woman with whom the shooting guard was in a long-term relationship. The former couple had an amazing courtship together, and they thought themselves inseparable.

They also share an adorable child together. However, a gust of unexpected wind ripped off their cherished love nest. Heather broke up with Dillon in 2020. When asked about the reasons behind the split, she claimed the athlete’s engagement with transgender models.

But no proof was there from her side to prove her statement. Well, whatever the reason might be, the fans became sad hearing the news of their broken romance.

What benefits Big Bambina got hooking up Dillon Brooks?

Big Bambina established her own name with her own endeavors. And she is also in possession of a vast fortune under her own name. This working woman earns her own bread and butter and doesn’t rely on a single soul for any kind of financial help.

This woman of modern civilization created her empire, working from dawn to dusk. And she has no one but herself to credit for her remarkable professional success.

So, ultimately, if she gets engaged to a man, that would be only for love and nothing else.

Big Bambina relation with her boyfriend

There is very little to say about the type of relationship the couple has, as their romance is still far from the mainstream. Up until now, neither party has said anything notable about their romance or admitted it. For many, the couple will make an adorable pair.

However, let’s leave that to time to see if Dillon and Bambina will accept their relationship in front of the public or not. And if they do so, their chemistry will definitely show the world its true colors.


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