“Don’t kill me”: The pound-for-pound great Jon Jone’s menacing tweet leads connoisseurs frightened for his safety

Jon Jones is fresh off his glorious comeback to the UFC octagon, conquering the heavyweight division on the very first attempt. However, things might have taken a bleak turn as he left a flurry of cryptic tweets behind, only to remove them later on.

The bizarre thread of tweets appeared online on Sunday. It seemed like Jones was having a conversation with himself. This thread of tweets may be interpreted by some as a cry for help as well.

At 11.53 AM GMT, he tweeted, “Don’t kill me” which was followed by a second tweet, “Don’t kill you either.” Right on the next minute he followed these tweets up with a spooky tweet, “Being nice conversation.” Things then escalated quickly and took a different route as the thread went on to become more vague by the minute. Later he followed the tweets up with, “Erase this year?” and “Twitter says.”

Now, it is true that Jones is not well known for his composure outside the octagon. Then again, this conspicuous array of tweets was even weird for him. Which is why fans were concerned for him. The concern grew further as he deleted the entire thread.

Jon Jones
Jon Jones kept twitting in a cryptic fashion, which he later deleted.

Jon Jones has a bad history with law enforcement officers

The concerning thread sparked security concerns among the fans, of Jon Jones. Jones hasn’t had the best of relationships with the law. In the octagon, he has been part of controversial and acrimonious dynamics, like the one with Daniel Cormier. Off the octagon, he has faced the music on numerous occasions.

Back in 2015, he was slapped with an arrest warrant as tried to escape from a crime scene he was involved in. He collided with a couple of vehicles, that too in a car he rented.

During that horrific collision, a pregnant woman was injured. Jones panicked and suffered the consequences as tried to shy away from them. However, he pleaded guilty to that, which eventually resulted in his title being stripped off.

The youngest light heavyweight champion in UFC history later was arrested in 2020, as he failed a breathalyzer test. Jones was slapped with multiple charges ranging from aggravated driving to possession of open firearms container. Interestingly, he was arrested from his home at that time.

Jon Jones
Jon Jones in court following his probation violation

Even in his brightest times, he found himself in the abyss of detention. Right after his inclusion in the UFC hall of fame, he engaged in a brawl with Alexander Gustaffson, which inevitably resulted in his jail time.

Later on, the police took him into custody on suspicion of domestic violence. He was slapped with domestic battery charges on that occasion. However, charges were dropped following the incident which was quickly swept under the rug.

A series of unfortunate events – what his fans may label, is what keeps the fans concerned mostly. ‘Bones’ has been on the bad side of law enforcement officers. Fans will hope that it is not something like that this time around since Jones has just cinched the heavyweight title around his waist.


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