Draymond Green Breaks Down Luka Doncic’s Comment on “It’s Easier to Score in NBA” Ahead of NBA Conference Final

Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic claimed scoring in the NBA is easier than in overseas. Draymond Green, The former NBA player seemed to be agreed with what Doncic said. Appearing in a show last night he supported Maverick star’s argument.

Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic, appearing as a guest of the JJ Redick podcast explained why he believes that scoring in the NBA is easier than in Euroleague. “Basketball in EuroLeague it’s more team basketball, it’s more tactics, and you have less time. NBA is tougher to play because you have many players that are basically impossible to guard”, Doncic said. “But I would say that scoring is easier in the NBA just because of the different rules, the amount of space, the time, so that’s why I said it’s easier to score in the NBA.” 

Luka Doncic

“Scoring 30 points in a Euroleague game, it’s harder than in an NBA game, 100% percent. I’m just saying this because of the rules.

In Europe, if you have a guy like Rudy Gobert, for example, he can stay in the paint for three seconds however he wants. Just because of that rule, here in the NBA, you can have ten more points easily”.

Former Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green is absolutely supported the argument, what Doncic said. Appearing in the Draymond Green show he supported Maverick star’s argument.

Green thins a player like Docic can control the tempo of the game and he is just incredible.

“It is true that there are more spaces.” “I knew what he was talking, there is two big logs in overseas, it’s just not that way in NBA. So, I knew what he was talking about and he is proven. The way he scores is incredible” 

“what he said is true” the former player added and confronted Doncic’s argument saying his performance is the proof of his argument.


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