Ebanie Bridges would f**k McGregor saying the Irishman “seems like fun” while Anthony Joshua gets hard pass

Ebanie Bridges openly confessed her willingness to sleep with Conor McGregor in a playful game of ‘f***, marry, kill’. Surprisingly, Anthony Joshua may have reason to be cautious, despite an awkward photo that surfaced of McGregor and Bridges together at Katie Taylor’s recent bout against Chantelle Cameron.

During an interactive Q&A session with fans, Bridges was candidly answering personal questions. When one fan asked her to choose between McGregor, Joshua, and American boxer Jaron Ennis in the aforementioned game.

Conor McGregor speaking at BKFC

Ebanie Bridges reveals she’d have s*x with McGregor in ‘f**k, marry, kill’

Bridges laughed and playfully responded, “Hahaha god, you all are killing me, what did I get myself into?”

She went on to reveal her choice, stating that she would “f*** McGregor” because he “seems like fun.” Bridges selected Ennis as the candidate she would marry, describing him as “sweet and quiet.”

As for Joshua, Bridges humorously designated him as the “kill” option, citing the reason that she had never met him before. She added, “Lol soz mate.” Unfortunately for Bridges, Conor is already married to Dee Devlin, with whom he has been in a relationship since their teenage years.

The duo were seen together at Katie Taylor’s bout against Chantelle Cameron

The two recently crossed paths in Dublin while watching Taylor’s fight against Cameron, which ended in a majority decision loss for Taylor. Despite this, Bridges maintained a cheerful demeanor and took to Instagram to share a photo of herself with McGregor.

One of her supporters responded to the photo, commenting, “He looks like he’s manhandling you in every picture.” Bridges responded jovially, saying, “Felt like he was not going to lie lol.”

At 36 years old, Bridges currently holds the IBF bantamweight championship title, having defeated her long-standing rival Shannon O’Connell in December. The match concluded with a technical knockout in the eighth round at the First Direct Arena in Leeds.

Bridges is an avid fan of Leeds United and recently made a lighthearted remark, jokingly stating that she would provide free access to her OnlyFans account if the team managed to stay in the Premier League.

Conor Mcgregor


However, despite the efforts of manager Sam Allardyce, Leeds suffered relegation on the final day of the league season. They suffered a 4-1 home defeat to Tottenham, and Everton’s victory over Bournemouth confirmed their relegation regardless.

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