‘‘Your not that guy pal’’: Belal Muhammad lashes out at Sean Strickland for his ‘thunder thumbs’ comment in gym

Belal Muhammad expressed his strong disapproval of Sean Strickland’s actions, as the latter recorded him during their time at the UFC Performance Institute.

The talented welterweight, who currently holds the No.3 ranking, openly called out the No.7-ranked middleweight for creating a false perception that he was seeking conflict during their face-to-face encounter on Wednesday.

Belal, also known as ‘Remember the Name,’ took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the matter, emphasizing his discontent.

“This guy is trying to act tough again on social media, looking for clout chasing, trying to get views for a podcast. I offered to fight you. You turned it down.

You putting out this video of you recording from a distance, muttering under your breath ‘thunder thumbs’ which is not even clever.”

Belal continued:

“Your racist hillbilly fans are saying, ‘oh, man, you’re a beast, you’re a man, look how crazy he is’, but look at the distance. It’s like someone recording a lion in the wild. Stay at a safe distance.

You don’t get into the danger zone. You didn’t get into the danger zone. Just stop this. You’re not that guy. You’re more of like an emo Peewee Herman. We don’t have to go through this again.”

When is Belal Muhammad’s next fight?

Belal is currently actively pursuing a welterweight title opportunity against Leon Edwards. Their previous encounter in 2021 resulted in a ‘no contest’ due to an accidental eye poke in the second round.

Belal Muhammad

Which prevented the highly ranked welterweight, currently holding the No.3 spot, from continuing the fight. Since 2019, Muhammad has maintained an impressive winning streak, securing nine victories, including a dominant triumph over Gilbert Burns at UFC 288.

During their encounter at the UFC Performance Institute, Sean took the opportunity to record the No.3-ranked welterweight. The No.7-ranked middleweight subsequently shared a video on Twitter, stating:

“Me and thunder thumbs himself, you guys. We’re here. I’m here. We’re all here. Let’s have a party.”

Do Sean Strickland and Belal Muhammad train at the same gym?

Belal Muhammad

Belal’s evident displeasure was clearly visible as Sean recorded him in real-time, and he didn’t hesitate to express his discontent. Muhammad has previously made it abundantly clear that he harbors a dislike towards the middleweight contender.

In 2021, when Luke Rockhold withdrew from his scheduled UFC 268 fight against Strickland, ‘Remember the Name’ willingly offered to step in as a potential replacement.

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