Eddie Alvarez’s wife Jamie’s heroic tale of her saving ex-UFC champ from being shot in the street

Eddie Alvarez had one supporter by his side through the highs and lows of his long combat sports career, and that supporter was none other than Eddie’s wife. The former UFC champion remembered in an interview a time when his beloved wife Jamie Alvarez came close to saving his life.

How did Jamie Alvarez, wife of Eddie, save her husband’s life? 

In 2008, Eddie began a professional career in combat sports. Eddie married Jamie, his true love, in the same year. The seasoned fighter discussed several elements of his career during his appearance in an interview with Chael Sonnen, including the time Jamie rescued his life from gangsters during a street brawl. 

“I was winning the fight, someone’s brother came, kicked me in the face from the side, split my eye open and them someone pulled a gun out. My wife immediately, when I got kicked, jumped on the guy’s back and started punching. My friends didn’t do sh*t.” said Eddie. 

The former lightweight champion of the UFC and Bellator consistently professed his love and devotion for his wife in numerous interviews. A career in bare-knuckle fighting championships is now being pursued by The Underground King. 

Even though he had a battling spirit, the Philadelphia warrior required Jamie’s assistance on that specific occasion, and his desire for her support led him to recognize that Jamie was the person he should marry. 

“I realized like, I thought my friends were gonna have my back. But the girl that I just started dating and I was into had my back immediately, didn’t think twice, and then in my mind. ‘Yes!,’ in my mind I went, this is the kind of… Yeah, that’s my girl.” Eddie added.

Eddie and Jamie have been blissfully married since 2008, having met when he was just 15 years old. Together, the couple has four adorable children. 

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