Former boxing champion Mike Tyson ready for WWE showdown vs Logan Paul claiming: “I would kick his f*****g a**”

Without a question, one of the WWE’s most promising superstars right now is Logan Paul. Boxing icon Mike Tyson shares his desire to face the senior Paul brother in the squared circle in the future as the Maverick rises to prominence in the wrestling world.

What did Mike Tyson have to say about wrestling Logan Paul?

Iron Mike has been linked with World Wrestling Entertainment for decades now. The legendary boxer recently appeared in an interview with Forbes where the 56-year-old former boxer shared details regarding his thoughts on the YouTuber-turned-wrestler Logan Paul. 

“When I see [Logan Paul] looking good and doing well, I always stick up for him. When he makes all the money himself, I get the credit, too. Because without me he would have never had a platform. I don’t think he’s really that serious [about a boxing match]. But I’m just happy he’s receiving the success that he has.” said Tyson. 

The WWE Hall of Famer wants to get the credit for Logan’s success because Tyson made WrestleMania a popular hit among wrestling fans back in 1998. According to The Baddest Man on the Planet for boxers like who have a bad reputation for their notorious activities, internet influencers like Logan Paul are getting recognized. However, when asked if he would be interested in wrestling Maverick, Tyson shared good news for the wrestling fans. 

“I would do it! I would kick his f*cking a**, yes I would do it. Even though I love him. This is what I found out about WrestleMania. Everybody says ‘that’s fake, that’s fake.’ But the check is real. Deep down inside—don’t let [WWE] know—I would do this for free.” Tyson added.

Even if the former heavyweight boxing champion’s career is over, he still has the ability to step back into the ring and compete. Last time Mike displayed his boxing prowess in a 2020 exhibition battle against Roy Jones Jr. The boxing veteran also stated earlier in April that he would fight Roy Jones Jr. and Evander Holyfield if sufficiently large quantities of money were offered to him.

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