“Enough is enough” UFC president Dana White’s immediate removal demanded

Dana White is in big trouble as a result of his recent dirty act on his own wife. This incident became a shocking piece of information for the California Legislative Women’s Caucus. Later on Monday, they called in a public letter for Dana White’s removal as UFC president.

On New Year’s Eve, a contentious incident occurred at a Mexican nightclub. The UFC president and his wife, Anne, were having a good time at the event. However, an argument broke out between them a few moments later, leading to the slap. White slapped his wife several times at the nightclub, as seen in a video clip leaked by visitors. The reasons for this shocking action are still unknown.

The incident sparked widespread outrage on social media and among California residents in general. In fact, the California Legislative Women’s Caucus saw this as a substantial attack on women. As they represent and advocate for the diverse interests of California women, children, and families. It aims to increase women’s participation and representation in state government. So the heinous action against Anne is a “terrible” sign for the organization. Which then led to an immediate removal demand for the 53-year-old.

In the following letter, the political women’s advocacy group stated that “the head of a major sporting organization cannot claim to be for the safety of women while a video of him striking his wife continues to circulate online without any response from him.” The letter continues. “The hypocrisy is astounding. Enough is enough.” Later, in a response to that, the American businessman, in an interview with TMZ, apologized for the physical altercation, saying there were “no excuses” for his actions and that he deserved “whatever people say.” Despite the fact that his wife said it was completely out of character for his husband.


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