“I will tear your f***ing head off” UFC legend Michael Bisping reacts to Logan Paul’s claim of having upper hand if the two were to bout

Another day, another incident of Logan Paul getting humiliated over his stupid actions. The former Vine star has always banked on controversies whether they be generated by him or just chasing trends. But nowadays majority of the attention he receives seems to come from his own stupid actions.

The so-called ‘Maverick’ recently got called out by YouTuber Coffeezilla after Paul launched a scam NFT-game called Cryptozoo. Earlier, the Ohio native suffered a serious injury while performing for the WWE. Now the former Boxer claims he could beat former  UFC Middleweight champ Michael Bisping if they were to face each other in the ring.

How did Michael Bisping respond?

Bisping responded to such statements in a recent episode of the Beleive You Me Podcast, “They were throwing names at Logan Paul to see if he’d beat them in a fight and he said, ‘Yeah, I’d beat Michael Bisping, he is old’.” The Brit seemed quite agitated as he said, “Logan Paul, man, you don’t know what you are talking about. I am not going to sit here and act hard and tough. The path that we have been on and the path that you have been on… Come on, it is a different path.”


The former champ didn’t forget to give his due, “Logan Paul competed at Wrestlemania. God bless him, he had an amazing career as a YouTuber, he boxed Floyd Mayweather at an exhibition bout and did very well. So I’m not hating on the guy for just the sake of it.”

Logan’s claims come as pathetic as he didn’t manage to pick up any wins in either of his two fights. He couldn’t even manage to beat KSI who also is a fellow YouTuber. On the other hand, his fight against Floyd Mayweather is highly controversial and many suspect some kind of foul play going on!

Bisping might be fairly old and only operating with one eye. But beating someone like Logan Paul shouldn’t be a challenge for him.

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