Watch: Jake Paul gets brutally thrashed in MMA sparing session by AJ Agazarm, footage goes viral after ‘Problem Child’ signs deal with PFL

Jake Paul, the YouTuber-turned-boxer, joined the newly formed Professional Fighters League to take his combat sports career to the next level after going undefeated in his four-year professional boxing career. Fans, however, are going crazy over a video of one of Pual’s MMA sparring sessions that has recently resurfaced online.

The Problem Child is becoming a well-known name in the sports world because of his undefeated record and his recent victory over the highly-experienced Brazilian fighter Anderson Silva. Jake has won all six of his fights and has been teasing potential bouts against some top names, such as former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor.

The internet celebrity has made the surprising decision to begin his MMA career with a promotion other than the dominant UFC. Rather Jake has agreed to a multi-year, multi-fight contract with the Professional Fighters League. In addition to fighting for this newly formed MMA organization, Jake has also taken on the role of Head of Fighter Advocacy.

Jake is the first fighter to be signed with the new PFL PPV Super Fight division, which was created by the new promotion in order to compete with the UFC. This pay-per-view segment’s primary objective is to provide fighters with significantly more recognition than the UFC does, with the ultimate goal of providing fighters with a 50% revenue split of the segment’s gross earnings.

Paul as the Head of Fighter Advocacy of PFL has been inviting top mixed martial artists to this promotion. Time will tell whether other mixed martial artists will accept Paul’s invitation to compete in the PFL or not.

“I invite all top MMA fighters, both men and women, to join the PFL and get a payday as they’ve never had before,” Paul said.

In spite of the fact that Paul has been challenging other notable MMA competitors to fight him and providing updates on his training, it is still questionable how successful he will be in the octagon. On top of that, a video from a few years ago showing Paul getting beaten up during a sparring session has gained widespread attention since his deal with PFL.

Even though that video was shot long before Jake’s boxing career began, the internet did not pass up the chance to take a jab at it. In spite of all the jokes and teasing, Paul truly believes that he will be able to carve out a successful career in mixed martial arts.

“I’ve proven myself in and out of the boxing ring and now I am going to do the same in MMA, and there is no limit to the positive impact I can make on the sport.”

Let us know in the comments if you believe Jake Paul can succeed in this highly competitive combat sport.

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