“What an idiot” Conor McGregor brutally mocks Jake Paul for signing deal with PFL

Jake Paul finally puts his money where his mouth is and moves to the MMA world after signing a multi-year deal with the PFL. Jake and his business partner Nakisa Bidarian (former CFO of UFC) now also hold stakes in the promotion. Many MMA stars both old and new have welcomed the YouTuber to their sport but Conor McGregor has different ideas.

The YouTube star will fight in a brand new division called the super-fight PPV division. Details regarding this new branch are still getting revealed but one leading piece of information is that any fighter within this card will receive at least half of the PPV money generated. Such deals seem more akin to boxing than MMA and most fighters have reacted positively to such terms except Conor ‘The Notorious’ McGregor.

Why is Conor McGregor mocking Jake Paul?

Despite being on a losing streak, Conor McGregor is still one of the most popular fighters in all of combat sports. The PPV money generated by the Irish on a losing match Trumps the number generated by many other stacked cards. McGregor receives a good share of that PPV money and has now made a fortune for himself.

As ‘Mystic Mac’s former rival Khabib ‘The Eagle’ Nurmagomedov used to say, “If you have money go in your hand, this is very good. If money go in your mind, this is very bad.” This was probably a much-deserved jab toward Conor since the former two-division champ has seemingly lost his fighting edge but still continues to fight, seemingly for more money.

‘The Notorious’ has all the money in the world but still, he doesn’t feel comfortable with the concept of sharing half the PPV money with his competitor. To be fair to the failed boxer, in pretty much all his fights, he was the one generating all the views so his reluctance can be somewhat understandable. However, in the case of most normal fighters, the revenue will probably not go very high and they can use every penny they get.

Conor didn’t shy away from expressing his disappointment by Tweeting, “Numbnuts gave away 50% of a future purse if he does an MMA bout? Wow. What an idiot. Joint partnership what? For what you Wally. Wally.” Keeping with his tradition, ‘Mystic Mac’ soon deleted the Tweet.

Conor Mcgregor Jake Paul UFC PFL 2023
Conor’s deleted Tweet aimed at Jake Paul

Mcgregor is currently going through recovery from a previously sustained injury and might return to the UFC in 2023.


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