Ex-Bills HC Rex Ryan connects Tom Brady, Sean Payton to come to unexpected NFC team

As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were humiliated by the Dallas Cowboys in front of their home crowd in the wild card round, the NFL community began to speculate about Tom Brady‘s future.

Tom Brady’s season with the Bucs this year was rather poor in recent history. After winning the Super Bowl in 2020, they gradually declined to a divisional round loser and are now eliminated from wild card contention. Who knows if the Bucs can place themselves in the playoffs next season?

Tom Brady’s initial two-year contract expired after he went to retirement in 2022; however, he returned to the field with an additional year for the franchise, and as of now he is a free agent.

What did Rex Ryan say regarding Tom Brady and Sean Payton?

Another Super Bowl winner, coach Sean Payton, has been out of the game since 2021, like Tom Brady. He won the Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints in 2009. Rex Ryan, a former NFL coach, came up with the idea of putting these two renowned professionals together.

Rex is working as an analyst for ESPN right now, and on Sunday’s show, he made up this crazy idea. He indicated Brady and Patton could unite as the NFC’s Washington Commanders.

The Commanders finished their season at the bottom of the NFC East with an 8-8 record. They last appeared in a playoff game in 2020 and were knocked out by Brady’s champion Buccaneers in the wild-card round.

No matter how imaginative it may seem, Ryan actually based his idea on some strong rumors. The Commanders are going through a rough patch following owner Daniel Snyder’s financial scandal, and the franchise is now reportedly looking for new leadership.

The new owners might bring some new faces to pace up the development, and to do that, Ryan suggested this revolutionary pairing of Brady and Payton.

Do you think Rex Ryan’s prediction might come true anyway? What’s your opinion regarding Tom Brady‘s future in the NFL? Share your thoughts with us.


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