“It’s hard to believe” Sean O’Malley considers Conor McGregor’s assault allegation baseless

Conor McGregor has recently been accused of physically assaulting a lady, but his fellow UFC fighter, Sean O’Malley, is refusing to believe the allegations.

Recently, there has been a claim made against Conor McGregor that has captivated everyone’s attention. This claim is that he assaulted a woman on his private yacht while the two were on vacation together in the summer of last year.

The case did not proceed further last year due to a lack of evidence. However, the case against McGregor has just been revived, despite the fact that Conor has always denied the charges that have been brought against him from the very beginning. 

O’Malley expressed his thoughts about Conor’s accusations in one of the most recent episodes of The BrOMalley Show. The 28-year-old fighter has difficulty believing that the girl’s story of what transpired on the yacht is genuine.

“He’s supposedly getting sued for kicking a girl on her chest and into the ocean. It’s like, dude, was she talking shit? Did she deserve it? Who knows, it’s so hard to believe first of all, what girls say. It’s hard to believe when someone is talking about someone so famous and so rich. It’s like, did he do that? Or was that girl drunk, she farted, fell, who fuckin’ knows?” said Sean.

Sean also stated on the podcast that he has the ability to become the future face of UFC as he doesn’t know of many others fighters who are capable of accomplishing what he does. Over the span of four years with the promotion, he fought in nine bouts, winning seven.

Sugar has stated on more than one occasion that Conor McGregor and Israel Adesanya are two of his biggest sources of motivation. This explains why the bantamweight fighter refused to believe that his idol would act in such a way.


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