Ex-Ferrari driver predicts F1 champ Max Verstappen’s future success with dominant Red Bull team

Max Verstappen’s talent has drawn comparisons to Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher, with former Ferrari driver Giancarlo Fisichella expressing his “fear” that Verstappen could dominate the sport in a similar fashion. Schumacher’s reign from 2000 to 2004 saw him secure five consecutive World Championships, establishing an era of unprecedented success for Ferrari. Verstappen, on the other hand, made his mark last year by clinching the title in record-breaking fashion with 15 victories out of 22 races.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen at the Miami Grand Prix. Miami, May 2023.

While Verstappen has a long way to go to match Schumacher’s impressive records, he is well on his way to cementing his place among the sport’s greats. With two World titles and 38 race wins to his name, Verstappen’s recent triumph in Miami only adds to his growing reputation. Fisichella believes that Verstappen’s long-term contract with Red Bull, a team currently dominating the field, sets him up for further success in the future. This prospect serves as a warning to the rest of the competitors who will have to contend with Verstappen’s potential dominance in the seasons to come.

Max Verstappen

Reflecting on his experience racing against Schumacher, Fisichella emphasizes the German’s unparalleled race management skills, acknowledging him as the number one in that regard. However, when it comes to pure driving talent, Fisichella places Verstappen on the same level. Fisichella highlights Verstappen’s growth and consistency, noting that while he made some mistakes due to inexperience early in his career, he has since become remarkably consistent, eliminating any weak points. Verstappen’s versatility in various conditions, whether wet or dry, during qualifying or in races, further solidifies his status as a complete driver.

Former Ferrari Drivers Fisichella and Massa Forecast Max Verstappen’s F1 Dominance with Red Bull

Fisichella also praises Verstappen’s precocity, surpassing the achievements of past greats at his age. Only Charles Leclerc is considered comparable in terms of early success. According to Fisichella, drivers like Verstappen come along once every 20 years, highlighting the rarity of his talent.

Another former Ferrari driver, Felipe Massa, acknowledges Verstappen as the best driver in Formula 1 currently, driving the fastest car. Massa emphasizes Verstappen’s temperament as a defining factor that sets him apart from his peers. He describes Verstappen’s intense focus on racing, stating that given the opportunity, he would spend every waking hour in the simulator or on the track. Massa also highlights Verstappen’s influence within the Red Bull team, noting that everyone follows and supports him.

Verstappen’s impressive performance in the current season is evident as he leads the World Championship standings by 14 points ahead of his Red Bull teammate, Sergio Perez, after five races.

As fans and pundits speculate on Verstappen’s future, the comments section below invites readers to share their thoughts on the ex-Ferrari driver’s prediction of Verstappen’s success with the dominant Red Bull team.


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