“How to get a job?”: Chargers severely trolls Raiders fans visiting ticket page for SoFi stadium prompts hilarious response from NFL community

The NFL has always been known for its fierce rivalries and passionate fanbases. And while the players may be the ones battling it out on the field, the fans are the ones who fuel the fire and keep the spirit of competition alive. So it’s no surprise that when the Los Angeles Chargers found a clever way to troll their rivals, the Las Vegas Raiders, the entire NFL community took notice.

The Chargers’ digital team had been hard at work, creating a unique QR code that would redirect Raiders fans who scanned it to a completely different page. This prank had been perfectly executed, catching Raiders fans off-guard and prompting a slew of hilarious reactions on social media.


NFL fans took to Twitter to share their hilarious response.

One fan wrote, “Chargers social media team is the best part of that organization and it’s not even close.”


Another wrote, “It’s almost as good of a joke as their franchise is.”


“I’m not a charger fan. That’s absolutely hilarious”


But while the banter was all in good fun, the Chargers’ success on the field was nothing to joke about. After years of struggling to find their footing, the Chargers had finally turned a corner and were making serious strides toward becoming a playoff contender.

Chargers: A Rising NFL Contender with a Playful Social Media Presence


Their 2021 season had been a testament to their growth, with key victories over tough opponents and a playoff berth to show for it. But unfortunately, their postseason run was cut short after a heartbreaking loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Despite the disappointment, the team’s fans remained loyal and supportive. And with the help of their clever digital team, they were able to show their playful side and engage with rival fans in a way that was both humorous and entertaining.

As the NFL community looks ahead to the upcoming season, it’s clear that the Chargers are a team to watch. Their success on the field, combined with their witty social media presence, has made them a force to be reckoned with both on and off the gridiron.

So if you’re a fan looking to get in on the action, just remember to approach the ticket page with caution – unless, of course, you’re ready for a hilarious surprise.

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