Ex-NBA star unapologetic on bold claim, believes he would outshine Nikola Jokic in prime: “I was super athletic”

Former NBA player Dwight Howard has made a big assertion, claiming that he would outperform current MVP Nikola Jokic during his heyday. Howard’s unapologetic assertion is attributed to his exceptional athleticism, emphasising his ability to dominate the game in his prime years. The outspoken centre, noted for his imposing presence in the paint, has never been bashful about expressing his confidence.

While Jokic is well recognised for his tremendous skill set and court vision, Howard believes that during their respective primes, his better physical abilities would have set him apart and overshadowed Denver Nuggets standout Nikola Jokic. 

Dwight Howard’s bold claim towards Jokic

Dwight Howard’s recent audacious remark of “I was super athletic” showcased that he would have outperformed Jokic at his peak has created a lot of interest and debate. Howard’s statement has divided basketball fans and commentators alike. Despite the scepticism surrounding his claim, the former NBA champion is steadfast in his stance and has expressed his willingness to face the former league MVP.

While D-12 acknowledged Joker’s remarkable skills and complimented him during the Nuggets‘ spectacular playoff run, he believes that his prime athleticism would have given him the advantage. Howard recalls his disruptive presence and physicality in their previous playoff game in the Western Conference Finals, which made it difficult for Nikola to score successfully.

Dwight emphasises his three Defensive Player of the Year honours, emphasising his expertise and specialisation in defensive play, claiming that defence is the key to winning championships. This reinforces his belief that he could have restricted Joker and made him work harder for each shot.

Steel Man’s unshakeable faith in his ability reminds us of his effect on the court and his belief in his own brilliance. While his argument is definitely audacious, it adds an intriguing aspect to the existing debates about hypothetical clashes between different eras and peak players.

Why is Dwight Howard not in NBA?

The reason for Dwight Howard’s absence from the NBA is that he did not receive any contract offers from teams. He is 37 years old, and teams may prioritise younger players or have different roster needs at this point in his career. Furthermore, the league environment is always changing, with teams frequently choosing specific skill sets or playing styles that may not be complementary to Howard’s talents.

While D-12’s career has been outstanding, including being an eight-time All-Star and three-time Defensive Player of the Year, teams may be concerned about his fit within their current squads or his ability to continuously play at a high level. Age and the wear and tear of playing basketball for nearly two decades can also have an impact on team selections.

It’s worth mentioning that Howard has pursued chances outside of the NBA, such as wrestling with WWE and appearing on TV shows like “Special Forces.” He does, however, continue to play basketball by playing for a team in Taiwan.

Despite not currently playing in the NBA, Steel Man’s future in the league is not completely ruled out, as he could draw interest from clubs looking for seasoned frontcourt depth or a veteran presence for a playoff run.


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