Ex-NFL QB Peyton Manning receives brutal clap back from Jets following his remarks during CMA awards

In recent weeks, the name Taylor Swift has been constantly linked with the Chiefs. The main reason has been her relationship with the team’s TE Travis Kelce. But now even the Jets and CMA Awards are not safe from Taylor Swift. 

Recently, a former QB Peyton Manning made a brutal joke comparing the Jets and the pop star. Unfazed, the Jets swiftly fired back, defending their reputation with a strong comeback. 

Jets denounce Peyton Mannings claims

Peyton Manning and Luke Bryan made a joke about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift during the CMA Awards opening monologue, poking fun at their absence as hosts. They said that they were able to host this show because “Travis and Taylor weren’t available.” 

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Manning then set up a joke comparing Taylor Swift to the New York Jets asking Bryan what is the difference between the Jets and Taylor to which Bryan suggested that Swift could sell out a stadium, unlike the Jets.

“Taylor can sell out a stadium,” said Bryan. This was a straight criticism of the team implying that Taylor Swift is more popular than the Jets.

While many people took this as a joke, the team itself felt the need to clarify its name. The Jets responded on social media, posting a photo of a full MetLife Stadium during an unspecified game, challenging Manning’s claim by writing, “What are we talking about Peyton”. 

They showed Manning that they also have a huge fan following, contrary to the claim he made. This comparison was quite odd given the fact both Jets and Taylor belong to entirely different fields. The only reason they did this was to drive more ratings.

While many people in the NFL community are now tired of hearing Taylor Swift’s name in every game and every NFL-related event, there is no denying that her name drives a crazy viwership to the league.

Jets abysmal NFL season so far

When Aaron Rodgers got injured there were hopes that the team might do well even without him. However, the team’s performance has been miserable. The Jets’ NFL season has been challenging, scoring only eight touchdowns in eight games and facing difficulties in key areas.

They’ve struggled in the first quarter, trailing in every game, and have had low third-down efficiency (below 24 percent, the worst in 40 years). The team’s offensive struggles are evident, being outscored 61-12 in the first quarter and ranking poorly in red zone touchdowns, yards gained, and points scored.

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Only twice have they surpassed 300 yards in total offense, indicating a consistent struggle to move the ball effectively. After a recent 27-6 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, even the players expressed frustration. 

There are many reasons why the team is struggling,.Their star QB is sidelined, Zach Wilson isn’t a very exceptional QB, and many other players of the team are also injured. 

However, there are rumors that Aaron Rodgers will soon join his team again. He is the only hope the team has for this season. Let’s wait and watch if Rodgers will be able to make a comeback soon and lead his team to the playoffs.

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